A big high five to team Cabrinha for the excellent results at the Slalmon World's in Spain.  Damien LeRoy taking the top position with Bryan Lake and Bruno Sroka making things interesting coming in 2nd and 3rd along with Caroline Adrien taking 1st in the women's division.  Lots of love for the Crossbow LW at this event.

“It was a great week,” commented LeRoy. “We had light winds, but we got a lot of races in and there was quite a battle between Bryan and myself.  I can’t complain, this is my first world championship win. It is incredible.”  “It is a very good competition,” said Adrien, who is also the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association World Tour winner this year. “The wind was a little bit light but it is technical and I am happy.”

With the success of this event and the steady increase of kiteboarding races being held in all conditions, all over the world, the sport and the athletes are making a strong case for kiteboarding in the Olympics.