albyaus2010 During the week of competition only 2 days produced wind...but those 2 days shaped up to be the exact conditions Alby was looking for, with 15-20 knots sideshore, and nice kickers on the way out.
Alby says "I was in good shape, feeling good and I rode my best heats of the year! After winning over the French Champion, Sebastian Garat, and secured my 5th place overall I moved to face Andy Yates, the local World Champion, in semifinals. Pity I didn't land my last trick, but still happy to loose 3.2 decision with him. Then I rode really good in the looser final, against Brazilian Reno Romeu so I made to 3rd place in the singles! I was really stoked!"
The wind died down so they didn't run the double.  The crew was left with the singles standings as the final result.