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Asia's first ever Kiteboard Competition Tour

The Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) has officially launched the first kiteboard competition tour to be based solely in the Asia region. The tour, which will be visiting five countries over the 09/10 Asian winter monsoon season, is a pro/am series of events open to male and female riders.

The KTA tour has been sanctioned by the International Kiteboard Association (IKA), the official world governing body for kiteboarding under the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). ISAF govern sailing events globally from national level competitions, through to events such as the Volvo world offshore ocean races and sailing and windsurfing in the Olympics.

Following kiteboarding’s recent success in beating the ‘hallowed’ 50 knot sailing speed record, the sport has gained full recognition by the sailing world as a sailing class it its own right. Kiteboarding remains the only form of sailing craft to ever best this barrier and in doing so has now given official status to all its associated disciplines and competition formats, which alongside speed include, wave riding, course racing and freestyle of course, for which the sport is best known.

The newly gained recognition and the appointment of the IKA to act as the kiteboarding class world governing body, has brought about for the first time in the sports history the unification of all the different competitions that take place each year. The unification also encompasses the two World Pro tours enabling kiteboarding to introduce a full world ranking system that reflects the level of each competition rider in the world. The current rankings of each rider can be seen and followed on the IKA’s website

The competition tour for Asia to be known as the Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) has been sanctioned at the continental tour level. The tour will be the first of its kind in the Asia region and aims to promote the growing kiteboarding scene there, boost the opportunity for local riders to experience international competition and open the route for the regions riders to reach the highest levels and aim for the world pro-tours. The KTA is open to both Asian and non- Asia riders and will result in two outcomes with both KTA Tour Champions and the first Asian Champions being crowned at the end of the tour series.

Through the IKA sanctioning, riders competing in the KTA will be able to gain points towards their overall world ranking positions as the tour will be conducted under the IKA approved rule system. So even without leaving the Asia region, riders can through their world ranking position, be part of the global scene and hopefully get noticed by those all important sponsors.

The KTA will launch with its first tour stop in October 09 in China and then move on to Hong Kong for December. The tour then continues in 2010 with tour stops in Vietnam and the Philippines at the end of January and February respectively with the tour finally moving onto Thailand to finish there in March.

Xiamen, China - 29th October – 1st November 2009
Lantau, Hong Kong - 2nd December – 5th December 2009
Mui Ne, Vietnam - 28th January – 31st January 2010
Boracay, Philippines - 24th February – 27th February 2010
Pranburi, Thailand - 25th March – 28th March 2010

The winter months have been chosen for the tour, as it will allow the tour to operate throughout the stronger more consistent NE monsoon months in Asia. So we fully anticipate some excellent conditions at each of the event venues, which will give the competitors great variety as they travel to each stop, plus of course the unique experience that each country and location offers in local culture and environment, making the KTA an interesting adventure, both on and off the water.

For further information and to contact the KTA about the tour as competitor, media, potential sponsor, spectator or other interested party please visit the official KTA website

KTA tour sponsors - Evason Six Senses Spa, Phuket Design, Maelstorm Gear, SueMe, Cabrinha
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