d soldier snow kite event 1It has been over 10 years or more since I had touched my race skies or even been on snow!  I ventured this year out with my brother to Idaho to get a taste of my previous life as a ski racer!!  It was like being a little kid. Epic snow conditions beautiful days. Everyone had a nice laugh at our old skies and boots, but when it came down to racing well it was all cleared up as my old stuff still worked and I managed to take the win in my first snowkite event! Ken Lucus and I managed to take first and third in the Snowkite Soldier event for Cabrinha. A big thanks goes out to Trisha and Monty for all your efforts for a great event!  Also to Dave Grossman with Drift snowkite Magazine and all the volunteers and helpers that put the effort to make this such a special time for us flying up from Florida! More info at www.snowkitetour.com.    Thanks Damo

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Results Below:  Congrats to all the athletes!

Pro Ski
1. Damien Leroy
Tie: Jon McCabe, Ken Lucas
4. Tyler Brown
5. Ray Leroy
6. Chris Nester
7. Luke Orton
8. Jamy Donaldsen

Pro Board
1. Billy Bordy
Tie: Aaron Sales, Jacob Buzianis
4. Oliver Palmers
5. James Brown
6. Remi Meum
7. Matt Thames
8. Nate Boer
9. Stuart Penny

Womens Ski
1. Melissa Cronin
2. Trisha Smith
Tie: Renee Decosse, Francis Cronin
5. Monica Bassett

Womens Board
1. Colleen Carroll
2. Katherine Fischer
3. Lisa Kay Keen
4. Mary Zingarelli

Amateur Men’s Ski
Tie: Ravil Muslymov, Richard Hallman
3. Sheldon Decosse
4. Nick Levi

Amateur Mens Board
1. Frank Wittke
2. Chris Philp
3. Jack Zwnberg