7 Stones is conveniently located right in the heart of Bulabog Beach, the main kite spot on the island, and is just a short walk to the bars, café’s, restaurants and shops on White Beach. If you’d rather be closer to the bustle of life you can stay at the Boracay Beach Resort which is located right in the heart of White Beach, the main tourist beach on the island. A third low-budget option is Blue Bay Boracay.


Kite-wise, bring your bigger kites as it never gets crazy windy over there. If you have a 10 and you’re average weight, I reckon you can always deal with it even when the wind is at it’s strongest. Boardwise, leave your surfboard at home unless you are there for Habagad season. It’s a perfect flat-water spot so you can get away with bringing pretty much any twin tip or wakeskate/nugget type fun board.


The island has two main beaches—White Beach and Bulabog. The cool thing about these two beaches is that they are totally different from each other but are only a 5-minute walk apart.

Bulabog is the kite beach during the winter months of Amihan season which is when the wind blows straight onshore there. The bay is a big flat-water lagoon with a sandbank out the back of it that makes for some really fun freestyle kiting. Wind during the Amihan season is pretty strong most of the time, but it’s wise to bring big kites for those light wind days.

White Beach is the party beach of Boracay. It’s a 4 km long beach with what seems an endless array of restaurants, bars and gift shops. I walked along this beach every day and always discovered something I hadn’t seen before. During the months of Habagad wind, you can kite this beach. From what I hear it’s a bit choppy, but the shore break is meant to produce some fun kickers.


Bulabog is lined with kite schools, the best one being Green Yard at the far end of the beach. They have the most beach space for launching and landing, plus because they are the last school on the bay, it’s usually the least crowded spot there.


Definitely go to CYMA Greek Taverna for dinner whilst you're there (I know, why Greek in the Philippines right? No, trust me on this one). There is also a local fish market called D’Talipapa where you buy your own seafood and have it cooked for you just outside of it by one of the countless little places that offer cooking service. This is probably the yummiest and cheapest way to eat in Boracay.


Nightlife usually starts with a sunset drink at Cafe del Mar, then people move on to the Juice Bar and Hey Jude. There are tons of places along white beach though, that cater to pretty much everyone, from the weird Chinese live-music lovers to the hard core techno freaks.

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