paia house dist meetingThe annual Cabrinha distributor meeting held on Maui was epic this year.  Kicking the week off with great wind conditions and a nice swell the Cab crew including our pro riders Alby Rondina, Susi Mai, Jason Stone and Reo Stevens packed into beach front houses in Paia on Maui’s north shore.  Starting the day off with a morning surf prepared the crew for the day’s meeting. The cutting edge secrets discussed behind closed doors will likely be revolutionary and mind boggling or at least really f’ing cool.  After the meeting of the minds hitting the beach to test the latest and greatest was like a scoop of ice cream on hot apple pie.  Between impromptu acoustic jam sessions and debates over how many chicks Alby would pick up we managed to tie one on every night leaving those of us that live here feeling like we’ve got our heads stuck in a bag of vog.  When the wind died down we hit Kanaha for SUPing to clear our minds.  The week was awesome!  Thanks to everyone that made it happen. Can’t wait for next years meeting.





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