Cabrinha Boys Break SA Record

Douglas Van Der Merwe and Greg Thijsse have smashed the South African long distance kiting record. The two set out on a mission last Sunday to kite from Paternoster to Strandfontein. Assisted by a 6m rubber duck and land support the two departed at 10:30 AM in strong South Easterlies. All was going well until they started to cross Britannia bay en route to Elands Baai. The wind dropped to a marginal 8 knots and the two struggled for a good hour to keep there kites in air and try edge towards a band of wind on the coast (10km away).

The two JUST made it to the beach where they decided it was time to change the kite. 
Doug put up a 14m2 cross bow and Greg put up a 13m2 Nomad 2011. With the big sails in the air the two were off again and had just enough power to sail through the transition from the South Easterly to the South Westerly (a more common wind on the west coast).
The South Westerlies then built throughout the day and by the time they arrived at Elands Baai they had a good 25knots in their gigantic kites.
They had reached half way! The two now averaging 30km/hour put their endurance caps on and flew their way down to the finish. 
6 hours of kiting time was recorded and a mighty 148km non stop was put down in the books as the new South African long distance record.
Well done boys.

Doug and Greg are on a mission to complete the entire west coast by kite.
After this last leg, they have completed Struisbaai - Doornbaai and have approximately 480km more to go to complete their 1000km challenge.

Cabrinha is proud to be powering them...