Evan Netsch is a native of the Cape Hatteras area and is currently finishing his college education at UNC Wilmington.  He excels in freestyle and wake style, but rips it up in the surf as well.  He is currently riding the Nomad and is stoked to get on the new 2013 Chaos.  Evan will also be Cabrinha's mid-Atlantic sales rep, so he's following the path of successful Damien Leroy.  
Mark Miedama is the 2012 Triple S Invitational: Surf division.  He slashed and boosted his way to victory on the Cabrinha Drifter surf kite.  Mark spends a lot of time between Virginia and New Jersey, but travels frequently in search of perfect surf.  Mark is now a 2X winner of the Triple S and is stoked to be in the Cabrinha family.
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