Big Wave Rider Grant Baker,
aka Twiggy Joins Cabrinha

Twig is a hellman when it comes to big surf and we are stoked he is joining the Cabrinha team. He took the 2007 XXL big wave title for a 60 ft monster at Dungeons and is nominated for all categories in 2008.

Twig brings an explosive energy to the program and we can’t wait to see what he does with a kite.

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  World Champ Talks
Competition-wise, what stop do you remember the most?
The stop that was the most fun had to be the first event in France. I knew pretty much no one and I had no idea which riders I had to really worry about. It turned out to be about 40 knots and I absolutely love that kind of riding. It was so cool for me to show up on a tour I never competed in and get 1st overall, And then to hold onto it the whole year was amazing.

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  Jesse’s Trick Tip: Kiteloop
Jesse Richman offers his take on the kiteloop, one of his favorite tricks. Click here for the video and stay tuned for future trick tips from Cabrinha.

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