Cabrinha Becomes First IKA Partner
ISAF has included kiteboarding as a new class and we hope to see this milestone give our sport the attention it deserves. To lead the charge, Cabrinha joined the International Kiteboarding Association as the first partner sponsor.

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Dan Sweeney
Cabrinha UK kicked off the first youth training camps in 2008, culminating in the announcement of a full year sponsorship to one of the lucky riders. Much to Dan Sweeney's surprise, his name was called to the podium.

You participated in the first Cabrinha youth program in the UK. Can you tell us a little about it?
I heard about the youth training from a good mate and it was to basically to meet some international team riders such as Andre Phillip, Susi Mai and Dave Hastilow and to help all the youngsters in the UK. But to mostly help and support the future of the younger kids who will make a mark on kitesurfing. But not just terms of riding but tuning kit, working on profiles and learning new tricks.

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  More Trick Tips from Jesse
We can’t get enough of Jesse Richman’s sick technical moves. Now that you can kiteloop like a champ, up the ante with a Kiteloop 3 or 5. We also posted his Slob Slim Chance. Click here to watch and stay tuned for future trick tips from Cabrinha.