The industry leading kite for wakestyle and freeriding just got better. Thanks to the addition of our Intelligent Depower System (IDS) you have more control at your fingertips than you

ProTip #1: Self Landing with IDS

When self landing with any IDS kite it is good to pick an area with adequate space downwind.
1. Place the kite just above the area you’d like to land the kite.

2. Push the control bar all the way towards the kite to achieve Depower on Demand™.

3. Immediately activate the main quick release.

4. The load will transfer onto the landing line and put the kite into Absolute Depower™ mode.

5. You can now climb up the center lines, hand over hand, until you reach the kite. Do not wrap any lines around your hands or fingers during this process.

6. When you reach the kite you can turn it over and secure it with sand, or deflate it.

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