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  Override IDS is back!

Due to overwhelming customer feedback, we are reintroducing our popular Override unit. The new system is now called Override IDS and will be included on all future IDS kites. For customers who’ve purchased an IDS kite, contact your local dealer for the modification kit free of charge.

For more information, click here.


  Fit, Function, Feel (and Style!)

The 09 harness collection has never looked better
and with the new EZ Release spreader bar, quick entry and exit is a breeze. Smooth nubuck leather and a thermoform body ensure a snug fit.

Impact Waist Harness
Waist Harness
Deluxe Seat Harness
Seat Harness


  Tired of Luggage Fees?

Sneaking boards past the airline check is now stress free. Throw all your gear in our stealthy Golf Bag for an easy check in. The internal clothing bag can also be removed and checked in separately if you end up overweight. Travel in style with any of our travel or gear bags:

Wakeboard Bag
Surf Travel Bag
Wakeboard Day Bag
Golf Bag
Surf Bag
Cabin Trolley
Travel Gear Bag
Travel Pack
Street Pack
Tool Bag

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