New Video: Ride Like Dre
After a few hours filming on the water at Kite Beach, Maui, Andre Phillip hit the studio to record his tips so you can finally nail that mobe.

Click here to watch and stay tuned for more!

  Jesse Richman Crowned
Jesse Richman’s first foray on the KPWT tour earns him top honors, with a first place finish overall. Congratulations to all the Cabrinha riders that competed and put on a great show!

Visit for more info.

  Susi Mai in Outside’s Go
U.S. publication, Outside’s Go, profiles Susi Mai.
Read online here, but pick up an issue for more exclusive pictures taken by Pete Cabrinha.

  Dimensions Release
The best snowkiters in the world are back with another mind blowing showcase. Click here for a special preview of Claes Lundin or visit for the stunning trailer.


  New IDS Landing Line
Phil takes you step-by-step on how install the
new IDS Landing Line. Contact your local dealer
for the part, then click here for the video to install.