The Year of the Rider
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Journey to Cuba with Susi Mai and Clarissa Hempel. Get a sneak peak of Jesse Richman and Cameron Dietrich’s tour through France. And read up on Kevin Steen because he’s about to blow up.

    It’s Not a C. It’s a Nomad.
After sightings on Maui’s Kite Beach, untouched beaches in Cuba, a comp on Lake Garda, Italy, and a tour through France, the freestyle/wave hybrid has finally arrived. Click here for the film and get the details on the sickest kite on the market.
    Breaking Records
Rob Douglas broke the world speed record with it. Melisa Gil was crowned Kitespeed World Champ with it. And Bruno Skroka just won the 1st KPWT race with it. What the heck is it? Crossbow. Catch it if you can. Click here for the film.