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Build it, Drop it, Session
Susi Mai launches a Cabrinha webisode this year, "Sessions with Susi Mai and Crew". If you missed it, check out Episode 1 with the Core Crew, Episode 2 in beautiful Boracay, and Episode 3 in the DR. Monthly videos to come so stay tuned.

Riders Gettin' Busy
Susi, Dre, Greg Norman & Jon Modica are gearing up for Triple-S this June 5-11. Susi Mai also hosts the 4th Annual Mai Tai Camp in Maui this month. In other rider news, Alberto Rondina and Bjorn Jensen dominate at the first stop of the Kitesurf European Tour.

Breaking News: Canonball!
We prefer hanging out at the beach, but if you want to connect online, Cabrinha HQ in Maui is finally on Facebook. And if that's still not enough Cabrinha for you, find us on Twitter and YouTube now as well. Now get off your gadgets and get on the water.