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Fresh New Look!
In addition to a long list of cool things the Cab team has been up to, we gave our homepage a new look. See all the latest gear and check in on our team riders to see what all the talk is about.

2011 Crossbow Unleashed!
By far, the most popular discipline in kiteboarding is freeriding. Since freeriding encompasses the widest range of use, itʼs no surprise that the Crossbow is regarded as the worldʼs leading freeride kite. Available in stores now!

Sessions with Susi-Episode 5
The Queen of kite Susi Mai has been as busy as ever. In this new webisode "Sessions with Susi" is all about the 2010 Mai Tai camp on Maui. If you missed the previous sessions 1,2,3 or 4 be sure to check them out as well.

Boys in the Hood!
Cabrinhaʼs Damien Leroy has taken the initiative this year to get behind the rising youth movement. His plans to fill a RV with kite gear, pro riders, rowdy teens, and camera equipment were without a doubt an anecdote worth checking out. With stops up and down the Columbia River, Mount Hood and up to the Puget Sound the current Caribbean Race Champ gave his "professional advise" to the next generation of kiters. With guys like Cameron Dietrich, Jesse Richman, Matt Collins, Matt Elsasser,and Brandon Bowe, we had fun following the crew on this Awesome summer adventure on!

PKRA rankings have Cabrinha riders Rondina and Sroka in nice positions!
Alberto Rondina finished 4th place in Germany last week after an exhausting yet incredibly exciting day. After winning 4 consecutive heats against some of the biggest names on the tour he claims " I was sooo tired at the end of the day I crashed almost everything. But Iʼm happy with the results". That puts Alby AKA the "Italian Stallion" in 5th place over all. Bruno Sroka is dominating courses left and right. In the top spot for the PKRA race series we can't wait to see what goes down in Fuerteventura at the Super Grand Slam 2010.