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Killing It in Europe
Alby Rondina and Bruno Sroka clean up on the KTE! After five stops around Europe including Austria, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and cold weather conditions both riders take 1st place overall. Read more...
2011 Switchblade
The pros love it and your friends want it... find out why this is the most sought-after kite in the world.
Andre Philip. My Ride.
Check Dre's video filmed and edited by Shabs Kirchner. You can also view Damien Leroy, Cameron Dietrich, Alby Rondina, Jesse Richman, and Susi Mai if you missed any of our other riders clips.
Upcoming Kite Camps
September 17-24 Christian Harris & Karine Nativel in Eqypt
October 10-19 Susi Mai & Bill Tai's Mai Tai Brazil Downwinder
October 11-17 Alby Rondina in Uruau Brazil
November 5-20 Christian Harris & Karine Nativel in Brazil
January 31 -Feb 6 Kiteboarding Fantasy Camp in St. Lucia
Febuary 17-23 2011 Clarissa Hemple in Mexico