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Rob Douglas of Boston USA, the man who brought kite-boarding into the speed sailing arena in 2008 with a record run of almost 50 knots, has reclaimed the crown in Namibia. In wind speeds of 45 knots, riding his 9m Switchblade Douglas has smashed the record by averaging a top speed of 55.65 knots over 500 meters. Click here for more video footage.
Jason Stone - My Ride
Check out the latest My Ride. Jason Stone gives us his perspective on kiting and life. Also if you missed any of the other My Ride clips check out Damien Leroy, Susi Mai, Andre Philip, Cameron Dietrich, Jesse Richman, Greg Norman Jr., Dave Hastilow, and Alby Rondina.
The Convert Is Here!
If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have one kite with you... you would be best off with a Convert kite. The Convert performs in any and all conditions with the ease and handling of a throroughbread Cabrinha kite. Its robust build and no commpromise IDS security system assures an exciting, and secure experience in and out of the water. When it comes to value, the Convert can't be beat. The Convert uses many of the materials of our pro kites and comes complete with our Powerdrive
Sessions with Susi #8 Ireland
The legendary lands of sheep and Guinness, as promised, delivers the coveted treasures Cameron and Susi went searching for. Not only did they get to pour their own pints of Guinness at the factory but they found some nice waves here and there and in between.
Just for Girls!
Experience the beauty and tranquility of white sandy beaches crystal blue water and the exhilarating thrill of kiting in steady winds. Susi Mai is hosting a guided all girls kite camp in the Philippines with stops in Boracay, Pagudpod, & Seco Island. This 10 day event beginning November 23 has all the elements of a fantasy vacation. For more information contact Paula Rosales