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Dear Cabrinha Customer,


We are implementing a complimentary upgrade of all 2011 Cabrinha monofilament wound line sets. These fly lines were delivered as standard equipment on all early season 2011 Cabrinha Powerdrive IDS Control Systems.

This upgrade is not mandatory but it is highly recommended and absolutely free. We are offering a replacement set of higher quality Dyneema lines in exchange for your original set of monofilament wound lines.

The reason for this upgrade is that the supplier of the original monofilament wound lines could not consistently control the stretch of the lines from one set to the other. Even if you have not experienced any stretch in your original set of lines we still recommend that you take us up on this upgrade offer.

The new line set is a much higher quality & performance line set. In fact, the front lines have the lowest elongation we can find in the market.

You can receive your upgrade line sets at any authorized Cabrinha dealer by bringing in your original monofilament wound line set. We will not be able to replace any line sets without receiving the original lines as proof of purchase.

The original Cabrinha monofilament wound lines are identified by the red and grey monofilament threads.

The newer upgraded line set will have red (front line) and grey (rear line) Dyneema woven strands. If your kite came delivered with these lines there is no need to upgrade.

Click here for video instructions on how to replace the line sets. Click Here to download a printable version.

We hope you enjoy the increased performance of your new Cabrinha kite with the complimentary upgrade in flying lines.

See you on the water,

Cabrinha Dev Staff