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Great Season Alby!
A big shout out to Alby for a solid finish to this year's PKRA tour. With 3 podium finishes we commend Alby for his commitment to the tour and his commitment to keeping his eye on the prize. We look forward to the 2012 season as Alby waves the Cabrinha Flag at every stop of the tour!

Visions with Reo Stevens Philippines
Reo, Alby & Susi visit the Kingfisher kite center in the Philippines, a remote spot near Pugudpud. In this episode of Visions, Reo delivers another great clip to motivate you to get out and ride. If you've missed any of the previous episodes check them out now... WIPE OUT, Indo Part 1, Indo Part 2, Bali, Tahiti
Susi's Camp is a hit!
With the success of last seasons all girls camp in the Philippines Susi and Nenette Graf co-hosted an awesome camp this year. The pair of female kiters make a great team putting a strong emphasis on stepping up your kiting and having a great time while doing it. Read More...
No Wind at the WONW Jam
The WONW is an event where everyone shreds whether or not there is wind. This year there was absolutely no wind to kiteboard so the days were spent riding the cable and system 2.0. It's the perfect cross over training for kiteboarding and everyone pushes each other so the level of riding has really gone up a notch. After "training" there is plenty of activities to keep the crew rallied. More photos