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Sessions with Susi- Maui Meeting
In this episode of Sessions, Susi takes us to Maui to get a preview of what goes on behind the scene at Cabrinha's distributor meetings. WATCH NOW!
Cole Whitney @ Christmas Island
Introducing Cole Whitney one of our underground kite testers in his d├ębut video. Cole heads to Kiritimati or Christmas Island, a puddle jump from his home base on Maui, to check out the world's largest coral atoll and it's shallow salt water lagoons for some insane flat water sessions. Shot and edited by Reo Stevens. WATCH NOW!
Welcome to the Team
Beefing up the roster with a host of young riders, Cabrinha and Grand Master Damien LeRoy are stoked to help introduce the fabulous 5. Learn more about Annabelle, Hendrick, Brandon, Johnny and Matt and stay tuned as interviews, videos and super sick photos come our way.
If you haven't see it yet, don't miss the extended edit of the Marshall Island's trip where the Cabrinha crew hit for the annual photo shoot. The stars aligned to produce epic conditions in one of the most beautiful and remote places on earth. Just over 20 minutes long, this video gives you a glimpse of life on the 'Indies Trader' with ridiculous waves, crazy beautiful flat water sessions, and insane surf and SUP sessions shot on a RED. WATCH NOW!