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Welcome to the team Liam!
Cabrinha is pleased to announce Liam Whaley of Tarifa Spain joined our international team.  Whaley at 15 years old is already stirring the pot on the PKRA tour.
"My focus is on freestyle. I think living in Tarifa, the wind capital of Europe, I have a big advantage.  Most days in Tarifa you'll find good windy conditions to train with plenty of opportunity to ride with, and learn from world class champions.READ MORE...
Olympic Trials!
Damien LeRoy hits Spain to represent kiteboarding for consideration as a class in the Olympic Sailing Competition and the ISAF Sailing World Cup. Damien, among the 18 riders from 10 nations and 4 continents, demonstrated for the panel all there is to show about kite racing. The ISAF evaluation panel consisting of members of the ISAF... READ MORE...

Maui Underground
A project to show some of our best kept secrets, our local test team and the great Maui scenics on the way to the beach.

A film by Anders Krüger

Cole Whitney, Cruser Putnam, Elliot Leboe, Twig Baker, Pete Cabrinha & Tyler Patrou

C&K Quick Tips - Back to Blind
The dynamic duo Christian and Karine add Back to Blind in a series of technique videos they are putting together for us. It's not quite a clinic, but the idea of simple instructions with emphasis on key points and common mistakes in these videos give you great tips to improve your riding. With plenty of repetition and slow motion, you'll be out on the water in no time throwing down. WATCH NOW!