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English Channel Crossing
Bruno Sroka is claiming a record breaking English Channel crossing.  After waiting for weeks on end for the green light to do the 95 mile crossing, he finally saw a window of opportunity and beat the 5.20 hr record on his 13 m Cabrinha kite clocking in at 4:45.  "The hardest part of the crossing was the READ MORE...
Mai Tai Camp 2012 Maui, HI
Susi Mai and Bill Tai get thier lively group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors, and pro kiters together for the event dubbed the Mai Tai kite camp on the island of Maui, HI. READ MORE...
Sessions with Susi
Have you ever wondered how your kites are made? In this episode of Sessions with Susi go behind the scenes to the Cabrinha Kite factory where kites are born. WATCH NOW! 
Trick tips from the Pros!
Cabrinha's International Pro Team has been putting together some highly advanced trick tips and this week we've got a couple of doozies for those bold enough to give them a try. Reo Stevens throws down a NO GRAB 360 and Alby follows it up with a KITELOOP 540. The boys are setting the bar high for summer time fun.
Great News for Kiting...
Will the decision stick?  Just as we were all getting along in the water... the ISAF put the two wind sports against each other for the coveted ticket into the Olympics.  The very close decision made earlier this month to include Kiting and exclude Windsurfing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is now under fire.  With Spain and Israel's claims of mistakes and confusion and advocates for windsurfing coming out of the wood work it makes one wonder if the ISFA's decision will stand through all the controversy?