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Coming Soon!
The 2013 Cabrinha line is coming soon! Our product range evolves year after year and this year our team has outdone themselves providing the highest quality materials and best construction techniques in the industry. We strive to put the absolute best products in the hands of the rider no matter what your level is. Stay tuned for more info coming your way August 1, 2012 at We'll see you on the water!
Rob Douglas is the World Speed Champion!
Damien LeRoy reports back from the exciting world speed championship in France.
"The final results all came down to the last day, the last race and about the last 5 minutes of the heat." READ MORE...
The Beetle World Cup 2012
From no wind to extreme wind and everything in between the classic German weather with rain and sometimes less rain didn't faze spectators. A happy Lake reports "This was a big win for me." READ MORE...
Sessions with Susi- A Day with Dre
In this episode of Sessions with Susi... Susi takes the backseat and we get a first hand look at a day with Dre while Susi is hanging out in Antigua. Life is good for these two.
Trick tips from the Pro's- 315 with Alby
In this trick tips from the Pro's Alby Rondina gives us the low down on the 315. Grab your gear and get ready to throw down.
Keahi's Hawaii Sessions
Born and raised in Australia, Keahi's roots and warm water swells brought him to the Hawaiian Islands for a spell.