Q) Will a Fireball control system work with a non Cabrinha kite?

A) While Fireball is designed to enhance the performance of any Cabrinha kite that uses a 1X security system, we can not confirm complete compatibility with all non Cabrinha kites. Specifically in the compatibility and functionality of their security systems. That being said, Fireball was designed for use on a four line depowering kite with a single line flagging system. 

Q - Is Fireball as easy to reconnect as Quickloop after deployment?

A - Yes. In fact, our testing has shown the Fireball system is actually faster and simpler to reassemble that any other unit we've ever encountered (especially when in deep water).

Q - Can Fireball be used on my other non-Cabrinha control systems?

A - No. The method of attachment between Fireball and the control bar is specific to Cabrinha's 2017 range. For 2015 and 2016 control systems you can purchase a Fireball upgrade kit but will need to disassemble the old control system and reassemble it correctly with the spare part Fireball upgrade kit KS7FBUPKT. Watch the video Tutorial for installation instructions.

Q - Will using Fireball allow me to finally ride as good as Keahi?

A - Maybe. What all riders will notice is the immediate freedom and looser feel in the upper body while kiting. The full 360 degree articulation that Fireball provides will allow a more unrestricted movement in surf of any size. This translates into less fatigue while riding so more time can be spent in hollow barrels!

Q - Can the Fireball spreader bar be used with Quickloop?

A - The Fireball spreader bar has been specifically designed to work seamlessly with Fireball. The geometry and ergonomics could cause abnormal point loading when used with a traditional harness loop and therefore not recommended.

Q - Is Fireball just for riding in surf? 

A - Not at all! The Fireball system has been engineered to benefit riders of all ability levels and across virtually all disciplines. The added freedom of movement gives more possibilities while freeriding on a twin tip. Toeside riding never felt so great! And the shorter distance to your core's center keeps the kite's pull feeling more direct which is great for boosting your biggest airs yet.

Q - Will the Fireball spreader bar work on my existing harness?

A - While we can't guarantee the spreader bar will fit on any harness ever made, our team has gone to great lengths in designing an attachment system that is compatible with nearly all the major harness brands currently on the market.

Q) What makes Fireball so special?  I already have a working chicken loop. 

A) Fireball's ball and socket connection is a friction free connection that was built from the ground up for kiteboarding. The ball creates a rotational axis that does not manipulate the spreader bar the way a hook and chicken loop does. 

Q - Can Fireball be used with my existing spreader bar if I simply turn the hook upside down?

A - No. The Fireball system is designed to be used exclusively with the Fireball spreader bar. The way these two parts work seamlessly together is unlike anything you've experienced before in kiting. A control system, designed from the ground up, specifically for kiting. And not just borrowed from another sport. The freedom, performance, and security are second to none. It's an experience that can only truly be felt through trying one for yourself.

Q) Is fireball made for pro rider or a beginner?

A) Fireball is universally aimed at every type of rider from a pro to a first time beginner. The friction free rotational function of the ball and socket will unlock a pro's dynamic body movement and the unmatched security and handling functions will get a new rider up to speed without discomfort or equipment hassles. 

Q- Can I use any leash with the Fireball?

A- No. Fireball has been designed and tested using our standard short leash. Therefore we recommend using a Cabrinha standard short leash for optimum performance and safety.

Q - Can Fireball be used for unhooked freestyle riding?

A - While it is possible to unhook with Fireball system, it's important to note the bypass leash connection point is directly onto the ring of the 1X flagging line. Therefore, the kite would immediate flag out onto that single front line anytime you let go of the bar while unhooked.