cam oktIt's just total randomness... no really...  We know he’s been traveling the globe with stops in Peru where he met up with photographer Brian Elkus, and other pros Jason Slezak, Julien Fillion, Josh Mulcoy, as well as our very own Nick Rickert.  They based out of Samana Chakra in Mancora, soaking in the tranquility and the amazing cuisine between the sets.

After a stop in LA for an In-N-Out burger, and a quick chat with his family Cam headed to the Animal Windfest 2010 in the UK which lacked wind this year but saw no lack of excellent beach activities. Between the Red Bull Matadors exhibition and the Animal trials bike show the beach in Poole was the place to be.  Animal threw amazingly fun parties with dress up themes from formal to comic.  And Cam turned in his Captain America suit at the end of a really fun week.

Straight from there he toured the legendary lands of sheep and Guinness doing an episode of Sessions with Susi.  The Rino Chaser or Big Wave event was on the books but the swell didn't make it.  So Cam and Susi toured around hitting pubs and checking out some of the countries hidden jewels.  Stay tuned for Sessions- episode 8. The 5-10 pints of Guinness a day were nice but to ensure his liver didn't get too lazy he headed to Germany to hit Oktoberfest.

cam okt 2Known as the largest People’s Fair in the world, 6.4 million people gathered to drink over one million gallons of beer!   This year was the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest and Cam found himself joining in traditional Lederhosen and Dirndlssinging along to the popular Bavarian drinking song Ein Prosi. After spending four long days marinating in beer tents with all the music, food, and liters of beer Cam could handle, it was time to get back to Uk then to the east coast to see his Grandma...then to the west coast... then home to Maui.