C. Rear Flying Lines(KS1RFL220, KS1RFL200, KS1RFL150)

Contents: Rear Fly Lines (x2)  
Upgrade Fly Line Package
Front Fly lines (x2)
Rear Fly Lines (x2)
Original Lines Upgrade Lines
Removal of Old Lines    
  1: In an open area with adequate space, lie out and separate your lines all the way to the end.

2: Remove all 4 pigtail connectors from the lines and set aside. (Fig 1)

3: Remove the 2 old rear control lines from the control system. This can be done by pulling the lines through the Loop on the end of the Control System Leader lines. (Fig 2)

4: Remove the 2 old front control lines from the control system. This can be done by untying the larkshead knot on one, (fig 3) and by pulling through the other line from the Front Y connector. (Fig 4)

Installation of New Front Replacement Lines    
  1: Starting at the bar end (near the leader lines), lay
out and separate your new lines all the way to the end. (fig 1)

2: Connect the red sleeved Front Fly Line using a
larkshead knot attachment below the knot on the first Front Line Y Connector (fig 2)

3: Connect the black sleeved Front Fly Line by passing one end through the loop on the end of the second Front Line Y connector, (fig 3) and then pull the flying line through this loop creating a loop to loop connection.

4: Using a loop to Loop connection attach the corresponding rear flying line to the appropriate colored leader. (Red line to Red leader, Black line to Black leader) (fig 3 and 4)

5: Reattach the 4 pigtail connectors from all lines using a standard loop to loop connection (fig 5)

6: Check the line lengths using the normal method
as outlined in the Control System User Manual, or as
mentioned on the website under the bar tuning tech tip.