J. CAS for IDS Kites (KS1CASIDS)

Contents: Centre Line adjustment strap (x1).
Tools Needed: Fishing Line (2m). Small Flat Head Screwdriver. #1 Philips
Head Screwdriver (included in your kite bag).
Removal of Current CAS.
1: In an open area with adequate space, lie out and separate your lines all the way to the end.

2: Pull the velcro open on the IDS landing line quick release ball (QR2) which releases the landing line ring from the security pin. (fig 1)

3: Remove the stainless steel ring from the landing line. (fig 2)

4: Pull the IDS landing line through the Depower Main line.

5: Undo the larkshead knot on the centre line Adjuster and pull through the centre line, Swivel and 2 Front Control lines through the loop. (fig 3)

6: Using the Small Flat Head Screw Driver undo the CAS Lower Triangle Line and remove. (fig 5&6)

7: Using the # 1 Philips Head Screwdriver loosen the 2 screws on the side of the Stopper Ball and remove along with the PU Tubing Section. (fig 7&8)

8: Remove the Recoil by sliding it up the Depower Mainline (fig 9)

9: Slide off the Bungee Manager Unit. (fig 10)
Installation of new CAS.
Slide the Bungee Manager unit over the end of the Depower Main Line making sure it is the correct way round. (fig 11)

Slide the Recoil system over the depower mainline. (fig 12)

Slide the Stopper ball PU tube and stopper ball over the end of the Depower Main Line and re-attach. Make sure the 2 screws are lined up with the Multi-bore tube centre partition and tighten. (fig 13&14)

Pass the CAS Lower Triangle link body through the loop on the Depower Main Line, and then pass the pin through one side of the shackle and through the webbing loop on the bottom of the CAS. Screw the pin tight. (fig 15&16)

Pass the loop end of the Centre Line Adjuster through the upper triangle link on the CAS. Create a larkshead (fig 17), and then pull through the Front Flying lines through this larkshead (fig 18). Reattach the larkshead know onto the correct knot on the Centre line Adjuster. (fig 19)

Pass the fishing line through the IDS line loop creating a loop and then pass this down through the Depower Main line. (fig 20) Pull through the fishing line which in turn pulls the IDS line. (fig 21)

Reattach the IDS ring to the end of the IDS line and reset on the IDS Harness Loop. (fig 22)