R. IDS Harness Loop w/Quick Release (KS1QRHL27, KS1QRHL25, KS1QRHL23, KS1QRHL21)

Contents: IDS Harness Loop (x1).  
1: Slide the QR pin through the stainless steel Trapezoid. (fig 1)

2: Fold the pin back on itself. (fig 2)

3: Lift the QR Body up the depower line. (fig 3)

4: Lower the QR body over the QR Pin. (fig 4)

5: Slide the landing line Ring over the stainless steel pin and orientate the pin so it is laying flat on the Velcro. (fig 5)

6: Secure the pin with the main Velcro tab, ensuring that the bottom of the stainless steel pin protrudes out slightly from the bottom of the Velcro tab. To aid in correct placement, make sure that the bungee guide is relocated back next to the release ball. (fig 6)

7: Secure the QR2 fully, by wrapping around the final Velcro tab. (fig 7)