1. Air Lock Replacement

1. Unscrew valve, place a finger between the valve and the sewn on retainer, and gently pull upwards to release the loop from the leading edge. Pic 1
2. Pull loop through the retainer to remove valve from kite. Pic 2
3. Before replacing the Airlock Valve ensure that the thread and surrounding area are free from sand and grit.
4. Holding the valve upside down feed the loop through the retainer until it rests over the leading edge thread. Pic 2
5. Hold the ring down by placing your thumb on the tab. Pic 3
6. Using your other hand push the loop down over one side and then pull down over the other side until it grabs under the lip of the leading edge thread. Pic 4
7. Screw in replacement valve

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4