12. Sprint Tubing Collar

Tube and Tube Collar removal

1. If the strut valve has neoprene covers slide them off the valve and up the tube. Pic 1
2. Holding the tube and collar in one hand and the valve in the other, pull the tube and tube collar away from the valve whilst slowly twisting. Pic 2
3. Repeat at other end if necessary.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Tube and Tube Collar replacement

1. With the collar pushed up the tube, outside ridge end first, allow enough tube to fit over the valve and push the tube onto the valve thread. Pic 3
2. Wet the tube to lubricate, push the collar towards the valve whilst narrowing the tube by pulling on it until the collar sits flush against the valve. Pic 4
3. If the valve has a neoprene cover, push over valve, bend the strut away from the leading edge, hold one end of the cover under the base collar and pull the rest over until secure.

Pic 3

Pic 4