E. Front Control Line Stainless Steel Swivel (KS1FCLSSS)

Contents: 1 x Stainless Steel Swivel.  
Tools Needed: Fishing Line (2m).  
1:Attach the upper end of the Centre line to the lower Stainless Ring on the Swivel using a loop to loop connection.(fig 1)

2: Create a larkshead loop on the bottom of the Centre Line Adjuster.

3: Pass this larkshead through the upper Triangle on the CAS (fig 2) and then pass the swivel through the larkshead loop and pull through. (fig 3)

4: Re attach the larkshead above the knot on the Centre Line Adjuster. (fig 4)

5: Attach the IDS Landing Line Bungee section to the same ring as the Centre Line. (fig 5)

6: Pass the fishing line through the IDS line loop creating a loop and then pass this down through the Depower Main line (fig 6). Pull through the fishing line which in turn pulls the IDS line. (fig 7)

7: Reattach the IDS ring to the end of the IDS line (fig 8) and reset on the IDS Harness Loop.

8: Pass one end of the Front Flying Lines (loop) through the upper ring on the swivel and then pull the line through through this loop creating a loop to ring connection. (fig 9&10) Repeat this step for the other front line.

9: Attach the front line connectors to the corresponding lines. (Red to Red, Black to Black) (fig 11&12)