CabrinhaKites is pleased to introduce Christian Harris and Karine Nativel, who are joining our Team as key Technique Educators and European Brand Ambassadors.

Christian and Karine have been hosting coaching holidays and clinics since 2003. Their unique training style starts with a phenomenal background knowledge of all things that relate to kitesurfing. Their encompassing male and female perspectives and vast understanding of the different aspects of the sport comes from the considerable amount of time they spend on the water themselves plus the experience they have learned over the years of instructing their guests. The ever developing and evolving way they instruct kitesurfing, not to mention a formidable Anglo-Franco alliance, and a hefty dose of fun make the pair ideal Ambassadors and Educators.

If you fancy a week or more of energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, coaching, progression and fun, whilst squeezing in a year’s worth of learning, with a killer group of motivated people...Indulge yourself in one of their select clinics in Cape Verde, Venezuela, Egypt or Brazil. Check out dates and availability at their new website

Christian and Karine will soon be bringing you their "Secrets of Kitesurfing" series exclusively to the Cabrinha website. Focusing on the little things that make a huge difference. Stay tuned for more....