Wakestyle / Cable

Sizes (cm)
136 x 41
140 x 42.5
144 x 43


  • Wakestyle / Cable crossover
  • Smooth and durable P-Tex base
  • Smooth ride
  • Obstacle friendly
  • Excellent grip
  • Slider compatible 20mm GFN hex flow fins

In the increasing cross pollination of the Kite and Cable world the CBL stands out as the go-to model for both. The CBL can be ridden at the park or under a kite with identical results. The CBL features a deep double concave with a flat center and rail channels. The flat center combined with the P-Tex base is perfect when hitting any type of water feature. The rail channels provide the bite and the flat top 20mm GFN hex flow fins keep things grippy when needed and don’t need to be removed at the park for added convenience.

Ultrabond PU rails

A single pour liquid urethane elastomer around the entire board is the ultimate impact resistance material while helping with rebound and vibration reduction.

Wood Core

Paulownia wood is vertically laminated to optimize strength, reduce weight and allow the board to flex more naturally and freely. Found in all 2015 models.


Basalt is a natural volcanic fiber which offers vibration resistance and durability while maintaining a high strength to weight ratio. Naturally produced absent of toxic additives. The combination of wood core, with basalt laminate provides a flex characteristic which is unique to Cabrinha.


Our unique Hex Flow fins feature a hexagon dimpled pattern over the surface of the fin. The hex pattern helps to create a boundary layer which assists in the laminar flow over the fin.


The highest rocker line in our range for the ultimate performance. Found on the CBL.

Quad Concave

Compression formed for enhanced slide and durability on obstacles. Found exclusively on the Custom CBL.

M6 X16mm

The same 16mm screws are used for fins, handle and foot straps.

Pro Flex

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