KTA Philippines

Boracay has provided the KTA Philippines tour stop with a touch of everything you would want for a top-level kiteboard event. Four days of great competition, in a stunning tropical location with parties that no one will be forgetting for a good while.

Throughout the competition the wind conditions did vary, but in the end the KTA was able to complete each of the IKA sanctioned disciplines and even add a local speed event as requested by the local host organisers at the Hangin Kiteboard Centre.  So in the end a great result for the riders given the forecasts that were given before the event began.

Along with the good conditions it was great to have a number of pro-riders along for this round of the KTA, including Cabrinha’s  Susi Mai who was along to open the event and run a pre-competition girls kite clinic as well as sitting in on the mike to commentate on the action. Along with Susi it was also fantastic to have Mallory de la Villemarque (North), Florian Daubos (Naish), Bobo Corniel (EH) and Flexifoil’s Robby Snuggs mixing it out on the water with the rest of the KTA riders. So with everything on our side and an entry of 59 riders from 20 countries the stage was set.

Go check out the event pictures, full results and video’s for the KTA Philippines video at the official KTA website

KTA Philippines Results

Freestyle Men’s
1 Robin Snuggs
2 Mallory de la Villeque
3 Florian

Freestyle Women’s
1 Kathryn Borgwardt
2 Carla Del Moral
3 Nuria Gorma

Course Race Men’s
1 Tanner Aykurt
2 Deivis Maceiulis
3 Narapichat Pudla Yo 

Course Race Women’s
1 Nuria Goma
2 Kathyn Borgwardt
3 Carla Del Moral

Speed Men’s
1 Angel Parzhuber
2 Tony Heiss
3 Bobo Corniel

Speed Women’s
1 Candice Shedley
2 Lizel Tio
3 Jannike Stav