alby barilocheAlby Rondina spent the week in San Carlos de Bariloche for the highly anticipated PKRA tour stop. Located at the foot of the Andes Mountains, Bariloche is a small enchanting town surrounded by hills, woods and mountaintops covered with snow. The crystal clear water lake, soaring mountains and stunning glaciers are enough to mesmerize anyone who visits.
Ably says "It was definitely a "different" competition. Conditions were pretty hard, riding the 5.5m with 5.3 wetsuit, boots, gloves and hoodie wasn't very easy... especially after a month in warm Brazil! The water temperature was 6°C, outside was around 10°C so the biggest deal was to stay warm while competing!"
Bad luck in the single, releasing the kite in front of the rocks left Alby off the podium.  But some solid heats in the double, against Rodwald, Zabala, Bakker and Hebert after 4 heats in a row left Alby frozen...but happy with 5th.
"I'm stoked because I'm in the top 5 in the overall ranking! I'll be working hard to keep it up and maybe improve it in the last 2 events." Alby Rondina
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