Mauritius Kiteival 2014

A unique, once in a lifetime kitesurfing experience.

2015 UK Cabrinha Launch

To celebrate the launch of the new 2015 Cabrinha range, Agent Eight is showing Cabrinha's World Premiere of Anders Kruger film 'The Value of Nowhere' at Poole's Light House Cinema on Wednesday 16th July starting from 7.30pm. 

There are a limited number of tickets for this event so please visit your local kitesurf shop in the Poole area. The Lighthouse is an amazing venue where you can immerse yourself in the movie whilst drinking a cold beer, perfect!

See you there!!

Desert Oasis

In the Western Sahara desert, you'll find no shortage of fun in the water in the little village oasis Dakhla, Morocco. Dakhla Attitude comes alive as team Cabrinha arrives in full force for the PKRA events and all the good times surrounding them.



Riders: Alby Rondina, Annabel Van Westrop, Keahi de Aboitiz, Liam Whaley, Moona Whyte, and Tobias Hölter.

Film & Edit: Tobias Hölter

Music: Till Death- Black Halo released by Comorbid Records

Sound Direction: Annie Taegert

Additional Footage: Tiger Abde & Alby Rondina

Hood River Huck Fest

The ultimate big air event in the Columbia River Gorge.  Go as big as you can. Tricks are not required or judged.  Some of the 50 participants were shooting for a personal best of 30' while others were gunning for 50', 60', ... the sky's the limit.  Jump heights were measured using the latest technology, Xensr. The Xensr is worn by the kiter and can accurately measure the height of each jump.  Organizer and Cabrinha rider, Ken Lucas, says "the event format of jumping big without any tricks allows weekend warriors to go head to head with big name pros".  The format is working as the men's finals were filled with passionate non-professionals while 4 out of 5 attending big name pros were bumped off in earlier heats.  Everybody loves to go big!

The 2nd Annual Huck Fest was sponsored in part by Cabrinha and many of the biggest jumps of the event were on Cabrinha kites and boards.

Highlights from Cabrinha riders:

Chase Hasch won the junior division and was promptly bumped into the adult heats where he was a solid competitor.

Matt Elsasser had the highest jump of the event (53') using a SwitchBlade and narrowly missed the finals after having some equipment issues.

Jim Bison went big all day using a SwitchBlade 8 and ended with a spectacular 2nd place overall.  Jim missed 1st place overall by 1 inch and conceded the victory to a winner that was 1/2 his age.  Jim's highest jump was 48'.

Wally Gator Young held his own making it all the way through the Semi-Finals.

Jake Cook the Cabrinha Sales Rep represented on the water as well advancing to the quarter-finals.

Ken Lucas, Event Organizer and Cabrinha rider, also jumped in on the fun and Hucked his SwitchBlade.

1st Reed Brady
2nd Jim Bison 
3rd  Mike Haase

1st Laura Meyer 
2nd Colleen Carroll
3rd Tonia Farman

1st Chase Hasch
2nd Austin Keillor
3rd Marcus Catlett

College Kiteboarding Championship



The Outer Banks in North Carolina was the perfect venue to host the final stop of The College Kiteboarding Association Nationals. With 7500$ in prizes, 32 riders stepped their game up at this event. 


The first day of the competition didn’t hold enough wind to host an event, but with a moderate NE breeze right around the corner it was a relaxing day for the riders. 


Day 2 started with 16-18 mph winds and waist high swell.  The CKA surf event was on. The true standouts of the day were Reider Decker of ECU, Brandon Cordina of CofC, Stan Yuhzhajov of UF, and our own Julien Verglas of Rollins College. With a tough final heat, the wind and waves dying, Reider Decker pulled out in first place.


Day 3 saw no wind so the riders had a chance to rest before the freestyle events. 


Day 4 saw steady 20mph winds and perfect conditions to hold the advanced college freestyle nationals. The riders were off to the water with a format of 5 heats/ 3 riders qualifying for the CKA nationals. After the first 5 heats, 10 riders remained, and an intense semi-final left the top 5 Sean Buell, Bret Sullivan, Lewis Hunt, and Cabrinha riders Niklas Reymann and Julien Verglas. Niklas Reymann of Cabrinha Kites and NP took the win in the CKA Nationals advanced freestyle division. Second place was awarded to Julien Verglas, and third place went to Sean Buell. 


Day 5 started with great conditions for a slider event at REAL watersports world-class slider park.  With double elimination format some riders advanced straight to the Semi-Final for winning their heat while the others went to a losers heat to fight for a spot in the semi-final. The 4 man final consisted of Niklas Reymann, Sean Buell, Lewis Hunt, and Bret Sullivan. The final resulted in a win for Lewis Hunt, second place for Cabrinha team rider Niklas Reyman, and third place for Bret Sullivan. 


As the CKA nationals finished up Cabrinha riders Niklas Reymann and Julien Verglas were stoked. Julien was able to take home 2nd place in the freestyle event and 4th place Surf, and Niklas won 1st place in this freestyle event putting him 1st overall freestyle for the tour.  And 2nd place in the slider event, putting him in 3rd place for the overall CKA tour.

In search of the Sweet Spot


Synonymous worldwide with banking, tax havens and beach holidays, there's more to the tiny, proud Cayman Islands. It's the picture perfect kite destination. James Boulding, Damien LeRoy, Brandon Bowe and Kellen Hall, hook up with The Sweet Spot Cayman kite center and get busy building obstacles and coaching while taking in the magic of the Caribbean.


Tarifa Kite Masters

The Tarifa Masters of Kiteboard 2014 was a great success. Many Tarifa locals participated showing off their skills against some of the top riders of the world. Cabrinha riders Liam Whaley, Annabel van Westerop, and David Tonijuan represented well during the week!  Liam took the win with David getting 2nd place while Annabel made it to 3rd place on the podium. The beaches were full of spectators and the event was super well organized. All together it was a great week in the world famous kitespot.

"The TMK was a super fun event with a really good vibe. Really happy to Win this event because it's the only Kiteboarding event in Tarifa in the whole year. Stoked to win in front of all my friends and family." says Whaley
1st:  Liam Whaley (Cabrinha)
2nd: David Tonijuan (Cabrinha
3rd: Patrick Blanc (Ozone)
Video Of the event:

Melissa Gill and Our Florida Reefs


OUR FLORIDA REEFS- is a community planning process for southeast Florida’s coral reefs. It brings the community of local residents, reef users, business owners, visitors and the broader public together to discuss the future of our precious resource. The process is designed to increase public involvement in the management of southeast Florida’s coral reefs to ensure their health in the future.

As a professional kitesurfer, marine biologist and conservationist I am honored to deliver this public service announcement and invite you to learn what you can do at:



Facebook: FloridasCoralProgram


Instagram: @meli_gil
Twitter: @meli_gil
Facebook: Melissa Gil


Nickless Video Productions

Whaley climbs the ranks to no. 2 at the PKRA Egypt comp

In an impressive climb from last place in the single elimination Liam Whaley of Spain managed to win 9 heats consecutive heats in a row, scratching his way into the final.  Finishing in 2nd place he says” “Wow what a day! I still cant believe it!  I want to thank everyone that helped me out on the beach today, I wouldn’t have made it that far without you guys!

In the women’s division our girl Annabel Van Westrop also made some impressive moves.  With gusts reaching over 40 knots the conditions were tough. Westrop won three heats in a row over Lange, Amle, and Jungo, loosing to Lammerts which put her in 5th place.

Watch highligt Video


Demo May 18th

Cabrinha Demo May 18th

Hosted by New York Kite Center and Cabrinha Pro Evan Netsch  

At New York Kite Center.

334 S Bayview Ave, Amityville, NY


For more info visit or call (631) 691-0793