Sunday Demo Day Cocoa Beach FL

Join the Cabrinha Crew and ride the new 2013 gear Sunday at Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Cocoa Beach_Cabrinha_Demo

Kite Durability Testing


kite crash

Pete and our product manager Dave Hastilow purposely set out to destroy a kite in the name of R and D.  See what happens on this research and destroy mission.






Labor Day Weekend Demo in NC

Join the Cabrinha Crew and Kitty Hawk Kites to ride all the new 2013 gear!

KHK demo

Cabrinha welcomes Evan Netsch and Mark Miedama to the team!

Evan Netsch is a native of the Cape Hatteras area and is currently finishing his college education at UNC Wilmington.  He excels in freestyle and wake style, but rips it up in the surf as well.  He is currently riding the Nomad and is stoked to get on the new 2013 Chaos.  Evan will also be Cabrinha's mid-Atlantic sales rep, so he's following the path of successful Damien Leroy.  
Mark Miedama is the 2012 Triple S Invitational: Surf division.  He slashed and boosted his way to victory on the Cabrinha Drifter surf kite.  Mark spends a lot of time between Virginia and New Jersey, but travels frequently in search of perfect surf.  Mark is now a 2X winner of the Triple S and is stoked to be in the Cabrinha family.
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Cabrinha Quest Eco Challenge

cabrinha quest_eco_challenge2

Find out how you could win a FREE voyage on the catamaran Discovery in Barbados with Reo Stevens. 


How do you win?  There are two steps:

  1. Like our Cabrinha Quest Facebook page.
  2. Demonstrate in what ways you are living a sustainable, eco-conscious lifestyle in your local community (or plan to!).  All entries will be judged by a professional panel  by 1) creativity/originality (50%); 2) effectiveness / level of eco-consciousness.

Visit The Cabrinha Quest website for offical rules and more prizes.

Visions with Reo Stevens

 Reo goes road trip'n along the Oregon coast looking for surf.. 

Filmed by: Patrick Rebstock and James Ropner
Edit by: Reo Stevens


The DR Mix

Andre Phillip and Susi Mai reveal the gritty side of kiteboarding in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

The DR Mix

Chaos by Cabrinha

The Chaos is Cabrinha's all new competition freestyle kite. It won't mow your lawn or leave you dangling. But if you are looking to get on the podium then this is your kite.

Siren Collection by Cabrinha

Inspired by Susi Mai. The Siren Series is the sweet option designed specifically for women.

2013 Ideas & Innovations

 Sometimes the littlest ideas can manifest into the biggest innovations. At Cabrinha we are all about little ideas and big innovations. Our product range has evolved year after year into a model of minimalist design. The innovations are so cleverly concealed inside ergonomic forms that you’d have to look closely to identify the numerous features that are seamlessly baked in. 

Take our 2013 QuickLink Control system for example. We have taken the industry’s leading control system and improved it yet again. We’ve done this without adding anything to the exterior. In fact we have even taken something away. The connection of the QuickLink is now much easier to reconnect thanks to a simple little innovation literally etched into the system.


We carry that minimalist philosophy right through our kite design process to deliver a Skeletal Frame construction that strategically places different weight materials into their optimum locations. This delivers a balanced, light weight and highly durable kite. 


The Skeletal Frame technology is used in all of our kites including the all-new Chaos competition freestyle kite. The Chaos is a bridled C Kite designed for the core freestyle competitor with the sole intent of getting themselves on the podium.


Our entire range of twin tips has seen an ‘across the board’ upgrade in shapes and construction. We’ve built upon our foundation of solid rides and have added durable bases and rails to the mix.


The Surf range has been widened to provide more freedom of choice. Each and every surfboard design now comes in either our super durable Eco Cork + Bamboo sandwich construction or our light weight Signature series which is a pro level PU construction without footstraps.


At Cabrinha we strive to put the absolute best products in the hands of the rider no matter what their level is. From the touring pro to the first time rider, each Cabrinha customer gets our commitment that the product they are riding is made from the highest quality materials and construction techniques in the industry.


We are purveyors of innovation and inspiration. Our products are designed to deliver an experience as much as they are designed for a specific use. 

Thanks for being part of the Cabrinha family.  We'll see you on the water.

Pete Cabrinha

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