Rems Invitational


Rem's Invitational is a social shred workshop that aims to push and document the greatest snowkiting ever seen. Riders from different backgrounds are invited to shred in Norway from April 9th - 13th. Teams will be decided by draw. Each team will have it's own videographer and be tasked with making the best edit over five days. The final three edits will be shown at Red Bull Ragnarok and the winning team will be decided by vote from the two hundred riders participating there. 




REMI MEUM's 'Back on Track' snowkiting video shot in Jackson Hole WY, Fairfield ID and Skyline UT.  

Produced and Edited by Eric Ellioth


Island Time


A film shot in Antigua and Barbuda that summarizes the way Andre Phillip and crew spend their time on and around the island.  There is a ton of BUZZ about this film with over 100,000 views in less than a week!!   It's not just kiteboarding, it's a lifestyle and it's FUN!

Check it out Here or on

Annabel van Westerop joins the Cabrinha Team


Cabrinha is pleasd to announce the addition of Annabel van Westerop. Originally from Holland Annabel's parents moved her to beautiful Aruba at age 11.  Discovering kiteboarding at a young age Annabel begged her parents for lessons and finally got her wish at age 14.  After 4 lessons she bought a second hand kite and has been on the water every day since. Annabel is drawn to freestyle riding and started competing in local competitions in Aruba and Venezuela. Even though Annabel is finishing her last year of high school and has a side job as a magicians assistant (yes she gets cut in half and disappears at abracadabra) we are pretty sure you are going to be seeing a lot of this young lady in the future.  Watch her Video and check out her website!  It's great to have you on board Annabel!

DSC 0253_copy



Hendrick Burgers Joins the Team

Hendrick Burgers from Aruba joins the Cabrinha team. Watch his video!

" I have lived on the island my whole life.  I’ve travelled quite often but nothing is better then home sweeeeet home. I started kiting 4 years ago and have been hooked ever since.

In a couple of months I'll graduate from high school and plan to spend my time training and traveling while I figure out what I want to study in the years ahead.  I'm ecstatic to be ripping with the latest and greatest gear out there!" 



Demo In Jupiter

Join the crew at Juno Beach in Jupiter this weekend to try out the 2012 gear. For more info contact Jupiter Kiteboarding.


Fiesta Dela Noche

The newest event added to the Boracay International Funboard Cup kicked the 23 year old event up a notch. Cabrinha Night made some noise as everyone waited for the legendary parties of the funboard cup. Hey Jude prepared a great set up at a favorite watering hole, the Exit Bar. Taking the whole beachfront the best DJ on the island faced the crowd and killed it all night.  We had a tattoo artist that did amazing henna tossed in the mix as well.  There were some dares to get real tats but everyone chickened out despite the heckling of the crowd and a new Cabrinha board as a prize. Guess the girl at the KTA wins that gold star. 
We had some problems with the ice luge so we made Cabrinha beer bongs instead. The beer bongs were passed around by two of Boracay's hottie kiter girls and we are now thinking this may be our newest promo item.  A big thanks to Nenette Graf as she helps pull off another fun event!

Christian and Karine report from their South Africa Clinic

Just back from our clinic in South Africa. Had an amazing time thanks to Grant Ross at Cabrinha ZA for convincing us to come and thanks to John & Kathy at Friday Island for putting us all up. The wind blew, the braais burned, the wine flowed and a rather healthy competition brewed between the boy and girls, resulting in some fast track progress on the water whilst the rest of Europe froze. Already excited about the 2013 trip!!
Stay tuned for more from Christian & Karine Clinic's next up- Cape Verde 5th to 12th March
Soma Bay 25th May to 1st June.

Jupiter Kite invasion


The next generation kiters are taking Jupiter Florida by strom this weekend at the kite invasion.   Staking the deck with Pro riders Damein Leroy, Melissa Gill and Jon Modica we are also adding Anabelle, Hendrick, Matt, Johnny, Brandon and Jan Lucas to the mix.  These young rippers are ready to rock.  


Once again Jupiter, FL delivered and the 9th Annual Jupiter Kite Invasion was a huge success.  The Jupiter Invasion is the biggest and longest running competition in North America.  On 8 out of the past 9 years Jupiter has delivered wind and waves for this competition.  Competitors from all over the state drive to this event.  Each year the event grows and international riders have gained interest increasing the level of competition and making this event one of its kind.  The Jupiter Kite Invasion attracts many people not only because of the good conditions, but because it is a fun and laid back event with good people on a beautiful beach.  

This year the main event featured an amateur, pro and master freestyle competition, followed by a pro strapless surf competition.  On Friday January 27, 2012, everyone gathered at Kite Beach in Juno Beach for the first day of competition.  The wind picked up for about an hour, but then quickly turned offshore, as forecasted.  Small 2-3 foot waves were rolling in and everyone got to enjoy the surf on the Jimmy Lewis and Cabrinha stand up paddle boards (SUP).  After watching everyone have so much fun, Gary Menk with Jimmy Lewis SUPs decided to run a SUP wave riding competition, the 1st


Annual Jupiter Stand Up Paddle Boarding Invasion.  The event was a huge success and everyone had a blast in the small waves.  The stars of the SUP contest included the undefeated SUP champion Packet Casey, switching between his Jimmy Lewis Stricker 9’5” and Kwad 9’1”, riding waves all the way to the beach and even doing head stands as he rode down the line, and local SUP rippers Charles Dasher and Damien LeRoy, on his Cabrinha Hybrid Wood Series 9’8”, who caught waves left and right impressing the crowd and judges with their smooth style and consistent ridding.


Sunday came around with wind all day long.  Competition started early and the freestyle heats were run non-stop.  The level of ridding was very impressive, especially amongst the young next generation riders.  Luis Cruz the ripper from Dominican Republic was nothing less than spectacular.  On the semi-final and final heats he had the crowd going off with huge double handle-passes and full powered low mobes.  Without a doubt he won, his riding was on another level.  Behind Luis, another Dominican, Nico Suriel placed 2 

and Tommy Fields placed 3rd. Competition was tough this year for the pros, there were a lot of good riders, and these three showed everyone who is best.  



On the women’s side I was able to win the final with my faithful all around kite, the Switchblade, because I had all my friends cheering for me on the beach (the benefits of being a local).  My good friend and Miami sensation, Alexandra Menk showed off all her moves for the first time ever in competition landing her in the podium in 2 

place!  I was so proud of her, this girl has drive and motivation to learn any new trick, so there is no wonder why she did so well.  Monica all the way from Charleston, SC pulled through the second chance heat to make it to the finals placing 3rd.

First place amateur division was Sean Buell, who did so well he should compete with the pros next year, in 2nd place Brandon Cordina and 3rd Kai Calder.

The master division was a close battle between Mike Carson and Rich Gardner.  Mike defeated the master division champ Richie Gardner, and Shawn Cole came in 3rd.

After a short break the kitesurfing started.  Since waves were small the judges were looking for an overall impression of riding waves and aerials.  It is not a surprise that Jupiter locals swept the competition taking all the podium places in both the men’s and women’s pro division.  Matt Collins a ripper of many talents showed off his smooth yet aggressive riding style, smacking the waves and doing huge aerial variations on his Switchblade to win 1stplace, he even took the time to help fellow competitors during his heats.  Call it Karma, but Matt’s riding is amazing.  Up and comer Johnny Berger who has progressed at an impressive rate was throwing down to take 2nd place and Jeremy Lund, a favorite amongst the locals for his huge aerials and fast riding style took 3rd. 


 On the women’s side Marina Marcelli and myself were the only girls competing since we are two of few girls that ride strapless.  We ran 2 heats, riding both lefts and rights, smacking the waves regular and switch to a final result, myself coming in 1st and Marina coming in 2nd.  

A big thank you to Jeremy at Jupiter Kiteboarding for hosting such an amazing event, Neil Hutchinson and Gary Menk for donating their time and efforts to announce and run all the heats, and of course the volunteer judges and organizers.  A huge congratulations to the Dominican riders who put on a great show for the spectators, the young Florida rippers for taking our sport to higher grounds, the girls for representing and showing off the girl power, and last but not least the masters for showing us we can rip no matter the age and as long as we want.



KTA- Philippines

 It’s a good start for the Cabrinha riders in this year’s KTA Asian Tour, with double first places in the men’s and women’s course race RB class and 7 top three places overall for the event.

 BORACAY Island, Philippines – January 2012 Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) Philippines, powered by AQUA Boracay ( held its third successful year from January 10 to 15. KTA, Asia's first ever sanctioned international kiteboard competition organization kicked off the kiteboard season 2012, with a bigger and better Asian tour on the expansive 100-meter beachfront of Aqua Boracay.

 KTA Philippines attracts increasing numbers of kiteboard champions, competitors, and enthusiasts, with an unprecedented record-breaking registration this year, of 79 riders, with 62 racers and 22 men along with 16 women for freestyle, all in top form and ready to go with the anticipated wind speeds of between 25 to 30 knots for each day. 

 Here is a rundown of the week’s highlights: 

 Competition Day One: Freestyle Single Eliminations – Starting the day with a Skippers meeting at 9AM, with bright eyes clad in stylish sunglasses, spirits soared in equal amounts of excitement and trepidation as the winds raged over 25 knots. With the air dense with electrifying energy, KTA Competition Director and KTA Philippines organizer, Stephan Hertig announces the day’s schedules and participants geared-up for the day’s battles on the turquoise, warm water. Alternating the Freestyle competitions for the women’s and the men’s categories until sunset, the exhilarating day took “freestyle” to immense heights, pushing each competitor to their limits until sundown. At the end of the single Greece’s Ben Bowd top the men’s class with Russia’s Victoria Soloveykina leading the women.

 Competition Day Two: Freestyle Double Eliminations and Course Racing – as expected, the second day of competitions proved to be a wild and sexy from the word go! Starting off with a full morning of Men’s and Women’s Freestyle Double Eliminations, where riders pushed the limits again laying down some unbelievable moves and amazing combinations that one could regrettably miss by looking away for a few brief seconds. Without any breaks, Course Racing commenced at 1PM, with men racing with women at Twin Tip (TT) and Race Board categories. With a wind range of 20 to 25 knots, race speeds were at a neck-breaking 60 to 70 kilometers per hour. After a quick rain shower cooled the competitors, the Freestyle Doubles continued, fiercer than ever, with ridiculous air times, passes and loops on show.

A great reward for a great day of competitions was a sumptuous dinner at Dos Mestizos which served their popular Tapas for the riders. As a mid-week party, KTA “Charlie Browners” competed at a more level playing field, the Flip Cup Tournament, where teams battled it out with cups of beer and cup-flipping skills! Not to be taken lightly as great Cabrinha goodies were at stake here, from solar showers and headphones, to iPhone cases.

Competition Day Three: Freestyle Double Eliminations & Finals and Course Racing - the winds were not as strong as the previous days, although this did not in any way dampen the high energies of the third day of competitions. The Double Eliminations finals were sounded off at 10:30AM and went all the way to the finals at, with Victoria Soloveykina (Russia) winning in the women’s category and Andrey Salnik (Ukraine) winning in the men’s category, after riding as two heat final, defeating his top contender with his powered kite loops mobes and slim 5. 

Another highlight of the day’s Freestyle competitions was seeing local 14-year-old rider Stefano Ganugi, fighting his way through the Doubles with five wins in a row, all the way to 6th  place where Taner Aykurt stopped him. Stronger than the prevailing winds, Ganugi totally blew everyone away, and gave the crowd a glimpse of the Boracay champ of the future with his great skill and impressive new tricks such as the kite loop slim, kite loop mobe, shifty grab 313, and kite loop 3! The competitions then switched fully to course racing, with enough wind for both Twin Tip (TT) and Race Boards (RB) to see out the rest of the day.

Last Day Of Competitions: Course Racing, Cabrinha Awards and After Party – With winds dropping to 12 knots, the Skippers meeting pronounced all racing, starting off with Twin Tip (TT), back to back with Race Board (RB) racing. In the RB class most people expected Yo Narapichit Pudla, Thailand to excel which he did, however Turkish Champion Salih Cakir (Cabrinha) opened the show by winning only a few board lengths in front of Yo in the early races. The excitement was over when Yo was disqualified from racing due to the race board he was on not yet being eligible for racing under new IKA class rules. This changed the focus of the men’s fleet into straight fight then between Cakir and local Boracay hero and Ken Nacor (Cabrinha) who was to take overall second slot by the end of the event. For the women’s racing it came as no surprise that Germany’s Kathrin Borgwardt (Cabrinha) the current KTA Tour Champion won, but with the largest women’s race board fleet every in the KTA and things set to grow further, its seems that Kathrin has her work cut out for this season and  Japan’s Aya Oshima made sure she needed to work hard for the top slot in Boracay.

The evening’s celebrations were sponsored by CABRINHA, starting off with the Cabrinha Awards Hog Roast ceremonies at The Sand Bar Boracay. The festive gala awards were set at the beachfront, with a chic beach lounge of low tables and leather sofas, for a relaxed kitesurfer-style ambience, under a huge canopy. With not one, but two pigs courtesy of Cabrinha, and a feast fit for champions, the awarding ceremonies were hosted by KTA Tour Director and Co-owner Willy Kerr and local kiteboarder Paula Rosales, with a scintillating fire dancing show. Top prizes for first, second, and third placers with 1st place - Cabrinha kites, 2nd - Underground boards, and 3rd Maestorm goodies

The after party followed at JUNGLE BAR, located at the southern end of Bulabog Beach, surrounded by nature and resounding in ethnic splendor. Open to all riders, spectators, and groupies alike, revelers were treated to free tattoos, sponsored by Cabrinha, with Kerr getting inked with the KTA logo on his “behind”, to commemorate another outstanding KTA event! With Moscow’s legendary DJ Spy.der [Борис Спайдер (Boris Spyder)] and Boracay homeboy DJ Erwin Edralin of the legendary Hey Jude Bar Boracay on the decks until sunrise, it was the perfect ending to cap an incredible first leg of this year’s KTA, and KTA Philippines totally rocked Boracay Island, once again!

Results – Top 3 Places

Freestyle Men Freestyle Women (Best)

1. Andrey Salnik – Ukraine (Airush) Victoria Soloveykina - Russia

2. Ben Bowd – Greece (Future) Susan Kay – New Zealand (Cabrinha)

3. Jaka Komocar –Slovenia (Nobile) Ali Dudfield – Australia (Cabrinha)


Course Race Men – RB class Course Race women -RB class

1. Salih Cakir – Turkey (Cabrinha) Kathrin Borgwardt – Germany (Cabrinha)

2. Ken Nacor – Philippines (Cabrinha) Aya Oshima – Japan (Naish)

3. Tanner Aykurt – Turkey (Brunotti) Rachel Holliger – Switzerland (Garganosurf)


Course Race Men – TT class Course Race Women - TT class

1. Karem Balik – Turkey (Slingshot) Michalina Laskowska – Poland (Ozone)

2. Doque Delos Santos – Philippines (Cabrinha) Rebecka maudal – Norway (Cabrinha)

3. Ryan Cahilig – Philippines (North) Dina Muldasheva – Russia (North)

Cabrinha Awards_Party_Night

Su Kay_-_Cabrinha

Ken Nacor_-_Cabrinha

Nesligul Kocakiran_-_Cabrinha

Course Race_Action

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