Demo in Isle of Palms SC

Join Damien and Olinah Kiteboarding this weekend if you are near Isle of Palms, South Carolina, USA.  They'll have all the goods down at the beach.


Welcome to the team Liam!

Cabrinha is pleased to announce Liam Whaley of Tarifa Spain has joined our international team.  Whaley at 15 years old is already stirring the pot on the PKRA tour.  It may be a little early to claim too much but we were all impressed to see him take out current world champ Youri Zoon in the singles in France. 

"My focus is on freestyle. I think living in Tarifa (the wind capital of Europe) I have a big advantage.  Most days in Tarifa you'll find good windy conditions to train with plenty of opportunity to ride with and learn from world class champions.  My dream is to become world champion by age 18, or sooner if possible! ;-) I consider myself pretty lucky to have my family and now Cabrinha supporting me on the journey to accomplish my dream!" Whaley said.




PKRA- France upset


A big HI-Five to Liam Whaley and Alby Rondina from all of us at Cabrinha.  15 year old Whaley takes out current world champ Youri Zoon in the single eliminations in some tough conditions. And Alby makes some noise on the live web cast against Langeree with hundereds of viewers checking in on the action.  Stoked to see the boys shaking things up early in the season!

In the heat between current World Champion Youri Zoon and the youngest rider on tour, Liam Whaley, each rider boosted huge air, with failures to stick landings on multiple occasions.  Zoon and Whaley brought some big back mobes and 313s to the table, while the underdog - Whaley - performed exceptionally well, earning a 6.3 for a Front Blind.  Ending in the biggest upset of the day, Whaley beat Zoon in a 2.63 difference in scores. In his heat that followed against local favorite, Sebastian Garat, Whaley performed just as impressively, exhibiting astonishing consistency, coming out on top with the winning position and earning the respect and adoration of everyone on the beach. He later lost to Alberto Rondina but won again in a battle against Carlos Madson, stepping up to the PKRA podium for his first time ever. Looking back on his match-ups, Whaley attributed his wins to an increased level of confidence throughout the day. READ MORE...



2012 Miami Kite Masters

Saturday April 7, 2012- An incredible day of racing and freestyle with blue skies and great breeze at the 2012 Miami Kite Masters. Team Cabrinha was well represented with Henry Connart flying in from Destin, Fl , Annabel Van Westerop “Tinkerbell” from Aruba and local riders Jan Lucas, Rich Gardner, Gary Menk, Leif Gibons, Alexandra Menk, Johnny Berger, Matt Collins, Brandon “The Bull” Bowe and Racing world Champion Damien LeRoy all on hand.

We could have not asked for a better day as the wind was averaging 15 to 20 knots at 10am.  First up was racing! A two-lap figure eight course made for exciting racing as the riders dodged one another at over 20 knots!  As the horn blew there was no question Cabrinha was looking very strong as  Damien LeRoy was pushing the men’s fleet with great speed and consistency. A big surprise was Matt Collins, wave rider extraordinaire, giving Damien a run for his money despite having spent little time on race board.  On the women’s side Annabel must have put her time in as she was smoking the women’s fleet and beating most of the men as well. 3 incredible races were held with nothing but non-stop action, tangles and close finishes.

In the freestyle, local boy wonder Johnny Berger came out firing! With 313’s and low mobes, he landed tricks he had never done before.  Matt Collins and Damien held nothing back as they both climbed the ladder board. There was no question Brandon Bowe was on a mission with incredible power and style, earning him his new nickname "The Bull". He was definitely looking like the guy to beat. On the women’s side it was a battle between Alexandra Menk and Annabel.  Very clean riding from both as they started to take down their competitors.  “Tinkerbell” was definitely riding very strong, stomping tricks like back to Blinds, Blind Gudge’s and huge kite loops.  She stole the show all the way to the final and walked away with the win.

The men’s final was a must see battle between Matt Collins, Damien LeRoy, Brandon Bowe and Leif Gibons.  Two minutes before the start the wind started to really pick up.  As the horn blew for the start riders were maxed out and the show started with massive jumps and supper powered handle passes. The crowd was fired up as everyone was going off, crashing like no other and pushing each other. The Bull was on a mission and never stopped till the last second of the heat.

As the horn blew and the final was over team Cabrinha had a little left to show and all the riders lined up, jumping simultaneously for the crowd, making the spectators go wild….  A wonderful day of non-stop action! 

Thank you to Miami Kiteboarding for a great event this year!

Results Men Race:

1.Damien LeRoy

2.Matt Collins

3.Gary Menk

Results Women Racing:

1.Annabel Van Westerop

2.Alexandra Menk

3.Jeanice Stone

Results Men Freestyle:

1.Brandon Bowe

2.Damien LeRoy

3.Leif Gibons

4.Matt Collins

Results Women Freetlys:

1.Annabel Van Westerop

2.Alexandra Menk

3.Jeanice Stone


Photo: Damien LeRoy


Photo: Rimas Kinka

Olympic Trials

Our own Damien LeRoy goes to Spain to represent kiteboarding for consideration as a class in the Olympic Sailing Competition and the ISAF Sailing World Cup.  Damien, amongst the 18 riders from 10 nations and 4 continents, demonstrated for the pannel all there is to show about kite racing.  The ISAF evaluation panel consisting of members of the ISAF windsurfing and kiteboarding committee, events committee and equipment committee will collect data and present a report to the ISAF during the mid year meeting.  "It is not a matter of IF we get into the Olympics... it is WHEN!  The impact we made in Spain is big! We don’t need to fight any boat or class for a medal we are so unique and exciting.  It will happen." LeRoy says.

Damo Spain2


Damien Spain

Noronha is the Brazillian Hawaii!

Noronha Brazil is one of the most beautiful places in the world, 400 km away from the continent, it can only be reached by plane or boat. The island is very quiet and safe, the locals are very friendly, the food is great and the pousadas are local homes who rent their rooms! Beyond the surf, Noronha is one of the best places to scuba dive and snorkel in the world! The water is incredibly clear!

Preservation of the island is a big concern of the local administration, the number of visitors is controlled and a daily fee is chaged during your stay. Once you get in though, the many waves to explore specially around Cacimba do Padre and Boldró are worth the effort. The waves are strong and tubular. The warm clean water, great waves and pristine nature are the recipe to paradise.  
SUP is new here. I took my Cabrinha SUP 8.8 board and a Cabrinha paddle which is extremely light and makes a lot of difference when maneuvering! I was impressed with the peformance of the board, really safe in drops and loose on maneuvers!  Very few people on the beach thought that someone could SUP on those waves.
I spent a week with some friends and was able to get many perfect waves from 4 to 6 feet. Cacimba is the postcard wave of the island, site of the ASP 6 stars event. Sandy bottom and very tubular this wave is very challenging for SUPing! The highlights were on the biggest day at Boldró with a shallow reef and overhead tubes, some captured by the lens of Bruno Veiga. Locals say I was the first one to SUP that spot!
There are many other great waves on the island such as Praia do Cachorro, Abras, Hurus, Conceição, Bode!
Fernando de Noronha is truly a paradise, if you plan a trip there, remember that the wave season is from November to April!
Roberto Vieira


Rems Invitational


Rem's Invitational is a social shred workshop that aims to push and document the greatest snowkiting ever seen. Riders from different backgrounds are invited to shred in Norway from April 9th - 13th. Teams will be decided by draw. Each team will have it's own videographer and be tasked with making the best edit over five days. The final three edits will be shown at Red Bull Ragnarok and the winning team will be decided by vote from the two hundred riders participating there. 




REMI MEUM's 'Back on Track' snowkiting video shot in Jackson Hole WY, Fairfield ID and Skyline UT.  

Produced and Edited by Eric Ellioth


Island Time


A film shot in Antigua and Barbuda that summarizes the way Andre Phillip and crew spend their time on and around the island.  There is a ton of BUZZ about this film with over 100,000 views in less than a week!!   It's not just kiteboarding, it's a lifestyle and it's FUN!

Check it out Here or on

Annabel van Westerop joins the Cabrinha Team


Cabrinha is pleasd to announce the addition of Annabel van Westerop. Originally from Holland Annabel's parents moved her to beautiful Aruba at age 11.  Discovering kiteboarding at a young age Annabel begged her parents for lessons and finally got her wish at age 14.  After 4 lessons she bought a second hand kite and has been on the water every day since. Annabel is drawn to freestyle riding and started competing in local competitions in Aruba and Venezuela. Even though Annabel is finishing her last year of high school and has a side job as a magicians assistant (yes she gets cut in half and disappears at abracadabra) we are pretty sure you are going to be seeing a lot of this young lady in the future.  Watch her Video and check out her website!  It's great to have you on board Annabel!

DSC 0253_copy



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