Stand Up World Tour

After they cancelled the Australian stop, Keahi De Aboitiz wanted to try do at least one stop of the Stand Up World Tour so he hit the Huntington Beach Pro event. After extending his Indo trip due to insanely good condidtions he didn't have much time to go home change gear and fly off to CA. It turned out to be well worth it. This had to be one of most highly attended events he's ever competed in with 64 people competing in the trials to get into the main event. Managing to work his way through the trials he ended up taking it out on the 2nd day of the event. "I ended up on a pretty good roll and with some pumping waves I was feeling pretty comfortable. I managed to score a perfect 10 in my first round heat and went on to beat Kai Lenny in my next heat in round 2. The next day, the waves got quite a bit smaller and I ended up having a pretty flat heat. I just couldn't find the waves to get through the heat so that was the end of my run." Aboitiz says


Rob Douglas Nominated for ISAF World Sailor of 2011

Rob Douglas, the fastest man on water, has been nominated for the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards 2011. The US kiteboarders has set a new outright world speed record in 2010, in Luderitz, Namibia. Douglas was one of five kiteboarders to break the previous record, held by the trimaran L'Hydroptère. read more...


Demo in Florida

Ride with Damien LeRoy if you are in the Cocoa Beach area this weekend as UCF Kiteboarding Club and Good Breeze Kiteboarding team up for a beach clean up and 2012 Cabrinha Demo.

2012-demo-cocoa beach

Good Deeds Live Forever

A couple of weeks ago Juan Carlos Morales of 15 Knots Kiteboarding School in Puerto Rico was contacted about giving a 12 year old boy Anthony some kite lessons.  Anthony's mom was looking for an opportunity for her 12 year old son to experience kiteboarding.  You see Anthony was born blind and his parents have it in mind to make sure he gets to participate in every activity he puts his mind to.  Here is a video put together by JC of Anthony on a 2012 11m Switchblade. enjoy!

anthony  juan carlos morales kiteboarding best 4

AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year!

A big congratulations to Damien LeRoy for being nominated and recognized among some of the industries top names as the "Kiteboarder of the Year".  Damien is truly one of kiteboarding's great ambassadors and an all around good guy. Cabrinha is stoked to have him as part of our team.
“It is a great feeling to know that you have so manny people out there that care and support you as a person in a sport you love.  I am completely humbled and will cherish this great award forever. My deepest thank you to everyone...... Damo

Bridge to Bridge in SF

It was Bryan Lake, Chip Wasson and Andrew Koch in a 1-2-3 sweep of the 2011 Bridge to Bridge. 

Wild and Crazy is the norm for the Ronstan Bridge To Bridge race and the 2011 edition did not disappoint.  With Kiteboards, Windsurfers, Aussie 18 Skiffs, a 49er and even a Weta Trimaran on the line the Ronstan B2B is a bring it if ya got it affair. And this year kiteboarder Bryan Lake brought it all, and then some, as the kiteboards revenged last year’s loss to the skiffs. Read More...


PKRA Germany

The PKRA event in Germany is the biggest of the season and everybody looks forward to the event even if the weather can be challenging, cold and rainy!

St. Peter Ording is one of the most famous and attractive beach locations in the north of Germany: the town is tiny, but the beach is a kilometer wide and crazy long! Thousands of spectators come down to the beach to enjoy vacation time and see the action on the water every year! The number of participants this year reached to just over 130 riders from 22 countries! The event site is massive, its like an entire town built on the beach, there are restaurants, lounges, bars, and lots of kite materials to test in the water!

The event lasted longer than usual (over 9 days) in order to finished both the freestyle and the racing discipline with good conditions for both! The wind wasn't with us the first couple of days, it was very light and just enough to do a lot of Racing.

The conditions finally got good for freestyle on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so we went full on in the Single Elimination and straight into the Doubles!

Feeling confident after a 3rd place in Fuerte, I was hoping to ride as good here in Germany or even better! I had a bit of a problem when the bridle of my 11m was tangle in my first heat, so I had to go on 9m which wasn't quite enough..but still manage to win against the local rider Nils Wesch. My second heat was without a doubt my best heat of the day, against my Brazilian friend Reno Romeu. I was riding powered on my 11m, having fun jumping off kickers, landing some soild switch tricks, and making it to the next round! Against Alex Pastor in the semis I started off well, went for all my basics bag of tricks, but when it was time for the bigger ones, the wind dropped..and i couldn't jump on my way in. Takine me into the looser final against the Kiwi Marc Jacobs.  I ended up 3rd in the singles!

Sunday the wind was much stronger and the ocean current switched making it really hard to stay in the box even powered on a 7m kite! I had to go against Marc again to secure 3rd place and I was really stoked to make it !  My next heat I was up against Pastor again, and on my 2nd trick I grabbed the bar on the wrong side and my kite looped and went straight into the flags on the beach. Luckily it didn't break but, lines were in a serious I ran to my 9m on the beach and went out super overpowered!  I had a couple of pretty serious crashes...but when it happens!

I'm stoked to make it to the podium again... It makes Germany seem a little more sunny and warm. Youri Zoon won his 5th event in a row this year and secured his World Title for the first time! I'm really happy for him, he's a great rider and a good friend, well deserved bro, good job!

This was the last PKRA event in Europe this year, and everyone is ready to get back to t-shirts and boardshorts and head to Brazil for the next comp coming up mid September!

Before goin back home I'm heading to Grobendrobe, on the north-east coast of Germany, for a Cabrinha event with all the German delears! Stay tuned and I'll post some überwältigend photos ya.

Ciao, Alby


PKRA Kite Master Tenerife

Straight from Fuerte, I went to El Medano, the main kite and windsurf spot on the island of Tenerife. Tenerife is a cool island that has pretty much everything: a massive volcano with snow in the winter, forests, deserts, rivers, black rocks everywhere..but also nice beaches, like El Medano!
The Pkra event here was a Kite Master event, meaning a mix of the new school and old school tricks. Where handle-passes are mixed with big jumps, board offs and grabs! It was an event out of the ranking, but still a really fun event and a great show for the public that definitely enjoy the old school tricks!
It was a round robin format with 6 heats to collected points to get to the semifinals. At the end I had a tie with Kevin Langeree, the 09 World Champ. I was riding confident on the kickers, landing 3's-5's, peteroses and boosting high on my 7 m kite! It was fun doing a bit of both styles in my heat and I was happy to advanced to the semis. After Kevin I faced Youri Zoon, and Ariel from the DR. The tide was high and the kickers were close to the beach where the wind is on and off.  I had a few too many crashes on the inside, but maintained pretty well on the outside. However it wasn't enough to beat them though, so I ended up 4th overall!
I'm pretty happy with 4th as this is a discipline I'm not usually working on! We had great conditions, lots of fun,and the photos are pretty sweet...It was a great week in Tenerife!
Its time to go back to winter in cold Germany! I'll be flying home tomorrow to grab some warm clothes and then heading to northwest Germany, St Peter Ording, and the biggest event of the year!
Ciao! Alby
alby_tenerife 1

Atlantic Beach Demo

The photos keep rolling in of the Cabrinha demos held over the weekend.  Damien LeRoys heads down to Atlantic Beach to give the guys at Blown Kiteboarding a hand with the demo of the new goods.  Damien shows us that even a small child can understand the awesomeness of the new Quicklink. atlantic beach2



atlantic beach 3

atlantic beach 4

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