French Dealer Meeting

The Cabrinha crew with team riders Susi, Dre, Alby & Bruno hit France to meet and greet all of the attendees at the Cabrinha/NeilPryde French dealer meeting.  Held in Wissant, a hidden jewel in the northern region, they spent a week checking out all the new gear with plenty of wind and a few surprise waves.



Susi Photo... The girl has skills

img_1450Testing the latest and greatest!

img_1381 The crew checking out Pryde Group France warehouse.

img_1416 Pete reading a French dictonary. Just kidding.  It's Neil Pryde's new book A Will to Win.

img_1622 Guys, I don't think that is the way to the beach.

King of the Lagoon

30th june to 2nd july 201

moz-screenshot-47Soul Kitesurfing held the third anual ‘king of the lagoon’competition, at the la hacienda Beach resort, Ras Sudr, South Sinai, Egypt.
Wednesday started off with the wind kicking up and the first competitors arriving to have an early practice session.
Thursday afternoon and evening saw more people arriving and heading straight out on the water after registering and collecting their King of the Lagoon t-shirts From Cat Emmerson. The DJ sound system was set up and the red bull buoys were put in to place.
Friday morning was when the competition kicked off properly.  Starting with a quick briefing by judges Morgan Fahey and Lucy Scott. Zack Vanlue from Nile FM was the commentator, and played some great music that really got the beach pumping.
The first event was the big air (the person with the longest time in the air wins). The tide was high and slightly choppy which was great for launching off small waves to get some serious height, it also made landing a little more difficult and resulted in some big crashes. Making it interesting for the competitors and pretty entertaining for the spectators watching from the beach.  Congratulations to Fadi Tawok with an overall best time of 5.75 seconds, His prize a new 2011 Cabrinha Caliber board. Fadi was stoked with the prize and said “ What this is for me, I can’t believe it”.
To avoid low tide the freestyle round started straight after the big air.  Some amazing tricks were performed throughout, riders’ truly pushing themselves and their abilities. Highlights being board offs, F16s,  powered ariel handle passes and unhooked kite loop’s. The final was an intense 15 minute contest with 6 competitors split between two lagoons . Judges were unable to make a clear decision as to who won and announced a 10 minute sudden death final between Gogo and Sherif Abouzeid for first and second place. After pulling out their bag of impressive tricks, the tide dropped and became dangerously low, both competitors threw down and pushed it to the limit. Sherif Abouzeid took 1st place after performing a sick airal handle pass, landing in 3inchs of water crowning him the King of the Lagoon.  He was awarded a 2011 11m Cabrinha Switchblade kite.
That evening La Hacienda Beach resort  put on a BBQ buffet Dinner in the Cabana restaurant on the beach, and was followed by the days prize giving and the Red Bull party in the sandbar. Spot prizes for the day were given to Omar Mitz and Monsour for Good Spirit. Bob for most dedicated competitor to get here on time. Robin for being talked into competing
Sunny for impressive raileys. And Hamada and Hassan (Beach Team) for lots of hard work on the beach, rescuing kites and helping competitors setup.

The next day super strong winds kicked in so unfortunately the down-winder planned for the afternoon was cancelled, but the high winds meant the Master guru became very interesting! In the master guru all the competitors choose a trick they can’t do yet and they and have 20 minutes to try and master it, which means beginners can perform alongside intermediate and professional riders’. Lots of Fun for the spectators particularly entertaining was Giles’ Wilkonsons attempt at a Jesus walk, walking on water while holding the board in the air and landing again.  A massive congratulations to everyone who pulled off their chosen trick; Master gurus: Guindy and Saad with a railey, Bob with a back roll, Mitz and Mohammed Soliman with a double back roll, Adel with a jump, Sunny with a front roll and Mansour with a Back roll to toe side. All together everyone had a fantastic weekend with lots of prizes, crashes, smiles and dancing.  A huge thanks to our sponsors, particularly red bull for the party and Cabrinha for providing the prizes. Thanks also to all the
competitors, spectators, and everyone who came down over the weekend! See you all next time J


Christian and Karine Egypt Clinic Report

Soma Bay once again delivered the goods. We had an absolutely cracking week in a much quieter than normal Soma Bay. 7 days out of 7 with wind. We had it all, cranking small kite weather and a few blissful 12m hero breezes. The effort on the water was both inspiring and hair raising.

Special mentions must go to Kevin, the Animal, who battled through a few ailments to produce some stunning riding and now needs a container just to carry around all his tricks - just watch out Barcelona, there'll be plenty of wanging going down. Adam arrived a happy kiter and went home a smiling legend. He set a new benchmark for what you can achieve in a week through consolidation, and went home with a veritable box of tricks to show off back in Lancing. Jen was lucky enough to "have access" to Edwin's 7m Nomad and as a result nailed topside and discovered the joys of voluntary airtime - brilliant. Edwin claimed the chair of air with some massive boosts and kept us entertained with some overpowered skim boarding. And as for Juan Grande, unhooked railers will indeed travel well, as will the Woods! Here's to September....

For more info on clinics, dates and tricks visit Christian and Karine at

Vote for the Cab Guys!!

awsiyear_ss Damien LeRoy and Keahi de Aboitiz have been nominated for the AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year, to be announced at Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida, during an awards ceremony Friday, September 9, 2011. You have until July 5 to vote for our boys at any of the following links.

Kiteboardermag SBC Kiteboard, The Kiteboarder, Kiteworld

Kite Camp w/ Alby

albycampAlby is hitting Brazil again this year.  Take your riding to the next level and enjoy the epic lifestyle in Uruau.  For more info visit


alby camp def

French Dealer Meeting

The Cabrinha crew with team riders Susi, Dre, Alby & Bruno hit France to meet and greet all of the attendees at the Cabrinha/NeilPryde French dealer meeting.  Held in Wissant, a hidden jewel in the northern region, they spent a week checking out all the new gear with plenty of wind and a few surprise waves.



Susi Photo... The girl has skills

img_1450Testing the latest and greatest!

img_1381 The crew checking out Pryde Group France warehouse.

img_1416 Pete reading a French dictonary. Just kidding.  It's Neil Pryde's new book A Will to Win.

img_1622 Guys, I don't think that is the way to the beach.

King of the Lagoon

moz-screenshot-21Soul kitesurfing centre is proud to host the 3rd King of the lagoon
kitesurfing competition. Based in Ras Sudr, Egypt on the gulf of suez.

The king of the lagoon competition is a three day event that gives local
kitesurfers’ and spectators the chance to push their ridding skills, swap
life stories, and be inspired.
The king of the lagoon kitesurfing event is made up of 4 different
disciplines over 3 days:
1: Freestyle
2: Big Air
3: Master Guru
4: 12kilometre down winder

1: Freestyle gives competitors the chance to show off their latest tricks
in front of a large crowd in a heats structure with the top 2 riders
advancing to the semi finals. Each heat is 8minutes long.  With semis and
finals 10minutes long.

2: Big Air competitors are against the clock, the aim to stay the longest
in the air.  Each rider has a stop watch judge watching them, as soon as
the rider leaves the water, clock starts, rider has to land and ride away
from the jump. Big jumps mean big crashes and great entertainment for

3: Master Guru: This event gives people the chance to push their skills by
practicing one trick for a 15minute period of time. Each competitor writes
down the latest trick they have been trying and go out and push their
skills in their heat. Competitors trying the latest high powered moves are
judged at the same level as competitors trying to get up on the board. Land
your trick and be crowned a master guru.

4:12 kilometer down winder, riders are tested by the level of their stamina
and to see if they can make the distance from “the Island” back to soul
kitesurfing centre for a well deserved beer.  Assisted by jet ski and road
support this makes for a great fun event.

The King of the Lagoon competion will be held on Thursday 30th June to 2nd
July 2011. Location: Soul Kitesurfing Centre, La Hacienda Beach Resort, Ras
Sudr, South Sinai, Egypt
BBQ, live music, great prizes and great people come on down and compete or
enjoy the action and party.
For more information on the event please call Morgan on 0166683094, or
email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Cabrinha Dealer Meeting in Florida

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Adventure Sports Miami held the 2012 Pryde Group product presentation in Islamorada, Florida from June 2-5. Partners and friends from 14 countries were in attendance. 70+ people enjoyed their time in this epic spot in the Florida Keys.




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The Winner is.....

winner1Congratulations Charles Edwards!  The winner of our Caption Contest and owner of a new Switchblade.










Flawless form presented by Greg Norman Jr. proves for the first time that all those childhood karate lessons parents pay for do pay off in the end.


Brazil Freestyle Wave Clinic Uruau

4-13th November 2011- It is now official, we have the dates and price for what promises to be a blinding Brazil adventure this November. What's more you'll get 8 days coaching and only need to take 7 days off work!

Unless of course you'd like to stay longer.


We'll be based at Pro Kite Brazil in Uruau, just south of Fortaleza. This will serve as a perfect base for the clinic. The club is set in a private garden on a huge beach, with a small lagoon and the open ocean right on its doorstep. On site there's plenty of space to chill out, with wifi, pool and restaurant, and should you need, a full stock of Cabrinha toys to rent.

The Spots:

Variety here is indeed the spice of life. In front of the club the wind blows cross onshore from the Atlantic, so plenty of stunt ramps and waves to keep you busy. Right next to the club there is a small flat water lagoon, and then 1km away is the large Urau lagoon. However close by and within easy reach there are plenty of other flat water "secret" spots. We intend to make the most of the local geography, and as is a must in Brazil we'll have a small fleet of buggies so that we are fully mobile!


Clinic wise we'll be covering the full monty both on a twin tip and a surfboard. You'll have 8 days of full on coaching (Saturday 5th to Sat 12th inclusive), including demos, video analysis, the usual group motivation and the whirring of the video. We have the best of both worlds so if you tire of trying to nail a move, just go off and have a play and wiggle in the waves to refresh.

With such a diverse range of conditions on hand we'll be offering everything that you could dream of trying on twin tip, whether it be carving your first turn or throwing down a flat 3 in the waves, or any number of fancy tricks on the flat stuff, from toeside, air gybes, popping and front loops, to blind landings, kiteloops and handle passes.

Surfboard wise we'll be tackling an introduction and progression for both strapped and strapless riding. We'll cover set up and trim of a surfboard, carving, wave riding, gybing, tacking and popping! Whats more we'll be able to use the flat water in the lagoons to perfect surfboard technique so that it'll be easier once you take it into the waves. So if you've got a surfboard bring it along. If you don't have one and have never tried it we'll have a couple of Cabrinha surfboards for you to try your hand on and get into the stoke and fun of riding one of these beauties.


We'll be staying at one of 2 places, either Zebra Beach which is on the beach 50m from the centre, or at Tudo Bom which is 270m back from the club. The reason for this is that we would like to all be sharing the same accommodation, obviously far better for the social, but rooms are limited in Zebra beach as it is only one building. We do have the possibility of a very good single supplement rate (£45 extra for the 9 nights). Therefore if a lot of you opt for the single room (limited availability) and we can't all fit into Zebra beach we'll all move to Tudo Bom.

The rooms are all B and B, have fans, are en suite and if you'd like to share there are 2 proper beds in a room!

The Cost:

Land based package is £795 including 9 nights B&B (based on 2 sharing) and 8 days coaching.

Limited single room, £45 supplement. For this we do recommend booking early.

To pay locally there is a €40 storage charge, shared buggies approx £10 each per day, and transfer of €45 return (based on sharing).

We also have a 12 nights or 14 nights with 12 days coaching option, poa.


If you're flying from the UK (or Europe) for the 9 nights we have 2 recommendations:

1. Flying with Iberia via Madrid to Fortaleza. On this route, depending on your flight number, your kite kit is free! At the moment on e-bookers its around £820 return.

The flight leaves LHR at 07.25 on Friday the 4th November, arriving Fortaleza at 15.25

Return flight leaves Fot 16.45 on Sunday the 13th November, arriving LHR 14.00 on the 14th.

2. For a killer equipment deal and flight price, TAM from London to Fortaleza via Sao Paulo. This route takes slightly longer but you have 2 pieces of "surf" luggage (so you can bring the board) at 32kg each included. Also at the mo you can book via BMI for around £750.

Flight leaves LHR Thursday 3rd November at 20.45 arrives Fort at 11.52 on Friday.

Return Sunday 13th November 16.08 Fort, arriving LHR 13.25 on the 14th.

There are of course other options, but please note that this year TAP is charging €150 for a kite bag.

How to Book:

We'll need a £250 deposit to secure your place and payment in full during the first week of September..

Any questions just drop us a line or give us a call on +44 7729 183233

Christian Harris & Karine Nativel (technique)


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