2011 Kiteboarding Slalom World Champs

A big high five to team Cabrinha for the excellent results at the Slalmon World's in Spain.  Damien LeRoy taking the top position with Bryan Lake and Bruno Sroka making things interesting coming in 2nd and 3rd along with Caroline Adrien taking 1st in the women's division.  Lots of love for the Crossbow LW at this event.

“It was a great week,” commented LeRoy. “We had light winds, but we got a lot of races in and there was quite a battle between Bryan and myself.  I can’t complain, this is my first world championship win. It is incredible.”  “It is a very good competition,” said Adrien, who is also the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association World Tour winner this year. “The wind was a little bit light but it is technical and I am happy.”

With the success of this event and the steady increase of kiteboarding races being held in all conditions, all over the world, the sport and the athletes are making a strong case for kiteboarding in the Olympics. 



Slalom World's update

Cabrinha Boys looking strong at the Slalom World's in Spain. Damien, Bruno and Bryan Lake all taking their heats with no more than 8 kts of wind. Stay tuned for more updates.


Who will take home the $$$ and bragging rights?


Twelve of the fastest guys in the world and one girl, Charlotte Consorti (who has proven to be as fast as the guys) have been invited to Martha's Vineyard, MA, to see who will take home bragging rights as "The fastest sailor in the world".  Watch Video

The two week event will be held October 17, 2011 through the 31st.  It is an all or nothing event where the world's fastest kiters will battle it out on American waters with kiteboarding's biggest prize purse, $27,000 USD up for grabs.

Who will take home the money and bragging rights?

The American challenges the Frenchmen.



(listed by) sail number....best speed....sponsor’s

1. Rob Douglas US-555 - 55.65kts WR & NR – Lynch Associates, The Black Dog, Cabrinha, NPX, Dakine

2. Alex Caizergues F-21 - 54.93kts - Ouest Provence, AlpEnergie, F ONE, Volkwagen Utilitaires, Placide, Zenith, Orange

3. Seb Selarno F-64 - 54.28kts - GIN Kiteboarding , EDF , ROOTS Shape, Microfins, Momai

4. Sylvain Hoceini F-53 - 52.90kts - optimumkite.fr, Rip Curl, Griffin

5. Charlotte Consorti F-4 - 50.43kts WR &NR - AIRWAVES, EAFIT, FONE

6. Morgan Douglas US-57 - 49.69kts – Lynch Associates, The Black Dog, Cabrinha, West

7. Christophe Prin-Guenon F-9 - 49.54kts - F.ONE, THE BLACKDOG, ROOTS, Prolimit, Le Robinson

8. Jamie Douglas US-56 - 49.49kts – Lynch Associates, The Black Dog, Cabrinha

9. Bill Lynch US-52 - 42.32kts WC – Lynch Associates

10. Jerome Bila F-8 - 49.26kts - GENETRIX / DABENS / BLANKFORCE

11. Manu Taub F-13 - 49.09kts - Fuerteventura / F.one / Line up Fueteventura

12. Patrice Menossi F-40 - 48.74kts - Deska, Ozone , ME



Stone making it look easy

Poor quality video? CHECK.    Water drops all over the lens? CHECK.     Mediocore Tricks? CHECK.   Badly Edited? CHECK.

Awesome new kiting wakeskate video? CHECK.


Stand Up World Tour

After they cancelled the Australian stop, Keahi De Aboitiz wanted to try do at least one stop of the Stand Up World Tour so he hit the Huntington Beach Pro event. After extending his Indo trip due to insanely good condidtions he didn't have much time to go home change gear and fly off to CA. It turned out to be well worth it. This had to be one of most highly attended events he's ever competed in with 64 people competing in the trials to get into the main event. Managing to work his way through the trials he ended up taking it out on the 2nd day of the event. "I ended up on a pretty good roll and with some pumping waves I was feeling pretty comfortable. I managed to score a perfect 10 in my first round heat and went on to beat Kai Lenny in my next heat in round 2. The next day, the waves got quite a bit smaller and I ended up having a pretty flat heat. I just couldn't find the waves to get through the heat so that was the end of my run." Aboitiz says


Rob Douglas Nominated for ISAF World Sailor of 2011

Rob Douglas, the fastest man on water, has been nominated for the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards 2011. The US kiteboarders has set a new outright world speed record in 2010, in Luderitz, Namibia. Douglas was one of five kiteboarders to break the previous record, held by the trimaran L'Hydroptère. read more...


Demo in Florida

Ride with Damien LeRoy if you are in the Cocoa Beach area this weekend as UCF Kiteboarding Club and Good Breeze Kiteboarding team up for a beach clean up and 2012 Cabrinha Demo.

2012-demo-cocoa beach

Good Deeds Live Forever

A couple of weeks ago Juan Carlos Morales of 15 Knots Kiteboarding School in Puerto Rico was contacted about giving a 12 year old boy Anthony some kite lessons.  Anthony's mom was looking for an opportunity for her 12 year old son to experience kiteboarding.  You see Anthony was born blind and his parents have it in mind to make sure he gets to participate in every activity he puts his mind to.  Here is a video put together by JC of Anthony on a 2012 11m Switchblade. enjoy!

anthony  juan carlos morales kiteboarding best 4

AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year!

A big congratulations to Damien LeRoy for being nominated and recognized among some of the industries top names as the "Kiteboarder of the Year".  Damien is truly one of kiteboarding's great ambassadors and an all around good guy. Cabrinha is stoked to have him as part of our team.
“It is a great feeling to know that you have so manny people out there that care and support you as a person in a sport you love.  I am completely humbled and will cherish this great award forever. My deepest thank you to everyone...... Damo

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