We Be Jammin'

kite jam from airThe Billabong BVI Kite Jam was one of the best events of the year. Sponsored by Billabong, Cabrinha & Richard Branson the week long festivities in the beautiful British Virgin Islands had it all.  From the "Round Necker" Challenge to the downwinder at Windless Bight to surfing head high waves at Cow Wreck Beach to flat water sessions with short rails & a kicker no detail was left out.  Big thank you to Scotty Wilson and Charlie Smith for organizing the event of the year.


Custom BVI Jam Kites


2011 BVI Jam Crew

bvi crew

Dre in his element

dre in his element

Dre in his element #2

dre  girls

Susi on Board the Cabrinha Boat

susi on board

Pete and Dre after a day kiting

back on land pete dre

Backflip off the boat

backflip off the boat

Cow Wreck Beach

cowreck- the perfect setup

Dre Surfing

dre surfing 1

Necker Beach Bar

the necker beach bar



Back in the Snow

d soldier snow kite event 1It has been over 10 years or more since I had touched my race skies or even been on snow!  I ventured this year out with my brother to Idaho to get a taste of my previous life as a ski racer!!  It was like being a little kid. Epic snow conditions beautiful days. Everyone had a nice laugh at our old skies and boots, but when it came down to racing well it was all cleared up as my old stuff still worked and I managed to take the win in my first snowkite event! Ken Lucus and I managed to take first and third in the Snowkite Soldier event for Cabrinha. A big thanks goes out to Trisha and Monty for all your efforts for a great event!  Also to Dave Grossman with Drift snowkite Magazine and all the volunteers and helpers that put the effort to make this such a special time for us flying up from Florida! More info at www.snowkitetour.com.    Thanks Damo

For more photos visit www.damienleroy.com
Results Below:  Congrats to all the athletes!

Pro Ski
1. Damien Leroy
Tie: Jon McCabe, Ken Lucas
4. Tyler Brown
5. Ray Leroy
6. Chris Nester
7. Luke Orton
8. Jamy Donaldsen

Pro Board
1. Billy Bordy
Tie: Aaron Sales, Jacob Buzianis
4. Oliver Palmers
5. James Brown
6. Remi Meum
7. Matt Thames
8. Nate Boer
9. Stuart Penny

Womens Ski
1. Melissa Cronin
2. Trisha Smith
Tie: Renee Decosse, Francis Cronin
5. Monica Bassett

Womens Board
1. Colleen Carroll
2. Katherine Fischer
3. Lisa Kay Keen
4. Mary Zingarelli

Amateur Men’s Ski
Tie: Ravil Muslymov, Richard Hallman
3. Sheldon Decosse
4. Nick Levi

Amateur Mens Board
1. Frank Wittke
2. Chris Philp
3. Jack Zwnberg

AKSA Nationals

keahi 032aSo after a year of not having a Wave Nationals, it was great to see an event this year with the 2011 AKSA National Wave Kiting Championships held on the 3rd - 7th of January at Warrnambool in Victoria. With some great wind and waves on offer, it was good to see everyone riding and how good the standard is. The waves were pretty solid and although the wind wasn't perfect it allowed for some pretty good riding. In the end I managed to take out 1st place in the opens with Mike Walker in 2nd and Dave Sorenson in 3rd. It was a really fun week and a big thanks goes out to everyone who organised the event and helped out.


keahi 032

keahi 033

warnambool  raw 173

Photos by Gary Becus

Cab Distributor Meeting

paia house dist meetingThe annual Cabrinha distributor meeting held on Maui was epic this year.  Kicking the week off with great wind conditions and a nice swell the Cab crew including our pro riders Alby Rondina, Susi Mai, Jason Stone and Reo Stevens packed into beach front houses in Paia on Maui’s north shore.  Starting the day off with a morning surf prepared the crew for the day’s meeting. The cutting edge secrets discussed behind closed doors will likely be revolutionary and mind boggling or at least really f’ing cool.  After the meeting of the minds hitting the beach to test the latest and greatest was like a scoop of ice cream on hot apple pie.  Between impromptu acoustic jam sessions and debates over how many chicks Alby would pick up we managed to tie one on every night leaving those of us that live here feeling like we’ve got our heads stuck in a bag of vog.  When the wind died down we hit Kanaha for SUPing to clear our minds.  The week was awesome!  Thanks to everyone that made it happen. Can’t wait for next years meeting.





susi sup

Cabrinha Makes a Splash south of the border


In a little unknown island paradise called Tobago… Anxiety builds as some of the new Cabrinha Guns head to join their allies Radical Sports Tobago in what looks to be another epic Cabrinha adventure.

To view Photos CLICK HERE






tobago carnival regatta

All Girls Kite Camp

girlscampboracayArriving in Boracay in Feb 2010 for the first time, I immediately fell in love with it.  From the beautiful white sand beaches to the lively night life.  It has something for everyone... and the kiting is epic.

Meeting up with, Nenette Graf, informally known as the “Godmonther of watersports” on the island, and also the Cabrinha distributor for the region, I was quite sure we would get up to some fun activities.  We decided to do a small “meet and greet” for some local female kiters. When I got to Bulabog beach where the Green Yard school operates at the end of this incredibly beautiful beach that morning, I found more chicks with kites than I had ever seen in one place.  At this point Nenette and I had a little chat, and at the end of that day I knew what we had to do.

And So begins the ALL CHICKS KITE CAMP .

10 months later-  Back in the Philippines, boarding the little prop plane that takes you to Boracay for the first leg of our 2 part camp adventure. 15 girls stationed at green yard, the 1st kite school on Boracay established in 2002.




When we landed I could tell right away we may be finding alternate activities.







The wind was down and we needed to keep the girls busy.  Similar to tag, we played a traditional Philippino game called PATINTERO where you divide everyone into two teams; one team is “it” and has to try and tag the other team members that are trying to reach the other side of the field, but without leaving the lines of the playing field.






When we got too hot from all the running around acting like little kids, we did an SUP relay race.








Our sponsors were really good and supportive and we had a different venue every day for lunch and dinner.








When we did get wind, we took full advantage and hit the water of course.  It was pretty fun helping the girls rig up, trim gear, answer questions and explain tricks.  They were so into kiting it made all that beach caddying worth it.




On one of our no wind days, we got pampered in BODY AND SOLE where we all had free pedicures. :)

For the second part of the trip, a few of us got on a plane and flew from Boracay via Manila to Laoag and embarked on a 4 hour drive to the municipality of Pagudpud.

This is a place in the northern region of the Philippines and is pretty untouched and very stunningly beautiful.

We went to the Kingfisher, a kitesurfing paradise in the making, that, once completed, will definitely be able to rank in the top 10 kite spots in this world.

susihanddragWe spent 5 days in Pagudpud where we had wind and kited every day on small kites, 6 and 7s. The spot is very beginner friendly, with nice flat water on the inside and cross shore winds, but it also caters to the wave lovers and big air junkies with amazing waves on the outer reef.

I really loved being on this trip because it was one of those situations where the people, vibes and locations were so amazing it reminded me of why I’ve dedicated my life to kitesurfing.

I have never met a better group of girls, each was her own independent personality and different from the next, and there was not a single one that didn’t fit in and contribute to our little traveling circus.

Our days were filled with laughter, banter, stories and the odd boy talk and I feel exceptionally lucky to have been able to meet them and hang out with them in what is usually such a male dominated world.

The tentative dates for next year’s kite camp are somewhere in Decemeber so keep your calendars free because its going to be an event you won’t want to miss.

Cheers, Susi

Doing it in the Snow

snowkiten sachsenkam 2011 032Christian May and his crew Ingmar Rickert & Oliver Spang hit the snow with their Switchblades having fun through the winter months in Munich.








New World Record

brunoxingTriple world cup race champion Bruno Sroka and Enguerrand of the kite school 7eme ciel in St.Barthelemy reached a new world record crossing the waters between St.Barth and St.Martin islands on kites. Taking off with exceptional 20 knot winds and 2.5m wave conditions from the lagoon Grand cul de sac in St.Barth and arriving at Orient bay 30 km away with times of 57min Sroka and Enguerrand 1h17min.  Bruno's set up was a Cabrinha Race board (183) and Cabrinha switchblade kite (11m).  Alan Jaouen (R. de St.Barth) followed them with the support boat and Eric at Karibuni a Pinel greeted them.
The goal of the two kite surfers is to open a challenge at the new record. If you would like to beat the newly set record contact Enguerrand at www.saintbarthkite.com. Bruno believes he can reach the time of 48min and Enguerrand less then an hour.
They will be opening a new facebook page for all of those that want to beat the record.

Guarjiru Round the Island

img_2656_11 Guajiru Round the Island Race & Party was held at Ilha
do Guajiru, the Flatwatersea! With a wide range of participants, from countries of all over the world.
The course was exhausting, and the kiters were really challenged by it's length:
Start at Praia da Barra, upwind to Casa da Bruxa, backdownwind, running 3 minutes over the Dunes, downwind over the Sea, then upwind back to Casa da Bruxa, and then downwind to the finish!
It was an amazing Race with amazing winners!

Men's results:                                                       

1. Victor Adamo. BRAZIL – CABRINHA  Rs1500,
2. Brahian de Leon Paulino.DOM REP.     Rs 750.-
3. Tomas Teixeira Gomes. BRAZIL      Rs 500.-
Women's result's:                                                    

1. Claudia Santos Dentra. BRAZIL       Rs 1000,- 

2. Mariliany Marques de Meneses. BRAZIL      Rs 500.-  

3. Monica Pimoni. ITALY     Rs 350.-  

Next year the event will take place again.
Larger in volume, larger in number of participants, larger prize money and
who knows an even more challenging course?
Reserve the date to be there and join the race of next year. Keep an eye on
this website and all major kiteboard magazines worldwide, around July 2011
the next Race will be announced to take place again in November.

More Versatility Heading into 2011

remiCabrinhaKites announces more versatility for its powerful kite team heading into 2011.

Kahului HI- January 18, 2011 CabrinhaKites swooped in and picked up 25 year old Remi Meum of Norway. Remi brings a wealth of talent and experience in the snow with him, and also adds another dimension to the multifaceted flavor of Cabrinha’s diverse team.

Meum has been on the snow kite tour since 2003, coming in1st at the World Snowkite Championships, 2nd at the Corona Extra World Cup. He is a 5 x Norwegian snowkite champion and has been heavily involved in three snowkitefilm.com DVD productions. Entropy, Something Stronger, and Dimensions. Meum, spent his last five seasons riding with Petter, Sigve, Bjørn and Claes from the snowkitefilm.com crew.

Watch for updates as Meum will turn heads with plans to compete at the Snowkite World Championship in Italy this February, a SnowJam in Norway, Snowkite soilders in Idaho USA this February, and the Superfly Open in Utah USA this February.  He will also be keeping busy organizing the gnarly Red Bull Ragnarok challenge this year. When he’s not traveling he will be sending us updates from his home base on Haugastoel/Hardangervidda, Norway’s best snowkiting spot!

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