4th for Alby at the 2nd stop of the PKRA Dakhla, Morocco

albym4Coming strong from 3rd place in Thailand, Alby was hoping to advance in Dakhla, Morocco at the 2nd PKRA stop. Dakhla is literally in the middle of the desert making a 10 day stay feel like 2 months. Making up for the location they scored great conditions for freestyle and wave events.
In the single elimination conditions were great to ride powered on 11m, one of Alby's favorite kites. Riding confidently he advanced against Alvaro Onieva from Spain, and German Mario Rodwald.  With a few crashes in the semifinal against Alex Pastor he ended up in the looser final against World champ Andy Yates, finishig 4th in the singles!
2 days later in the double elimination to save 4th place he had a good heat against Tom Hebert from New Caledonia, landing 7 switch tricks and having fun! Coming next was Andy Yates again. Starting the heat off strong, he crashed a double 2 minutes before the end of the heat and ended up at the end of the competitions area, where the wind died off enough to end the heat for Alby.
Stoked with 4th and appreciating his caddy Riki Alby is back to Gran Canaria to spend some time training before heading to France for the next event!



1. Youri Zoon (Slingshot, NED)

2. Andy Yates (Slingshot, AUS)

3. Alex Pastor (Airush, ESP)

4. Alberto Rondina (Cabrinha, ITA)


1. Bruna Kajiya (Flexifoil, BRA)

2. Gisela Pulido (Airush, ESP)

3. Karolina Winkowska (Slingshot, POL)

4. Asia Litwin (Nobile, POL)



1. Keahi De Aboitiz (Cabrinha, AUS)

2. Airton Cozzolino (North, CPV)

3. Abel Lago (RRD, ESP)


1. Kari Schibevaag (Ozone, NOR)

2. Angela Peral (North, ESP)

3. Ainhoa Garcia (Ozone, ESP)

Keahi with the High Score!

keahiA lot of new names in the results for most North American kiteboarders, but the winner Keahi De Aboitiz is a name Australian's are familier with. He is currently the Open Mens Waves Champion for Australia after recently winning the 2011 Australian Open Wave Championships held in Warrnambool, Victoria. Here is today's update and results from the PKRA. Read more...


After doing well in the PKRA event in Australia I figured it would be a good idea to do the first couple PKRA wave stops this year and see how I go. The first stop was in Morocco and I couldn't have asked for a better set up. A perfect little point break with cross shore wind and head high waves. They ran through the singles on the day 2 and as the tide got lower the conditions improved throughout the day. It came down to the final and I was up against Airton Cozzolino from Cabo Verde. We scored some really nice waves for the final and I was really stoked to take the win in the slngle elimination.  Unfortunately there wasn't enough wind to get through the doubles so the results stayed the same. Hopefully I can keep it up and do well in the next event.

1st Keahi de Aboitiz
2nd Airton Cozzolino
3rd Abel Lago
4th Fabio Nunes

Youth Empire Camp- Norway

en glad gjeng p vidda tuva jansen i rd jakke susi mai i rutete jakke bjrn kaupang i gr og gul jakke22 young snow kiters between age 10 -18yrs gathered at Haugastol Turistsenter with the whole Hardangervidda mountain as their playground. The kids had a vast amount of talent and came from all over the country to kite and learn from each other. They had some inspiring company from the pro´s that are up at Haugastol preping for the Red Bull Ragnarok taking place this upcoming weekend. Visits from Cabrinha's Pro Team riders Susi Mai and Remi Meum (2 of the youngsters favorites) along with local hero Bjørn Kaupang, Tuva Jansen and Petter Johnsen all inspiring the gang to big in the snow.
A big thank you to Martin Aune Østerdal and Camilla Ringvold, owners of the URGE kiteshop in Oslo and national Cabrinha dealers for taking the initiative to run the camp.
- "It´s really fun to see how many young kiters that has been introduced to snow kiting and kiting in general in the last few years. We really believe that it is important for the development that we gather them, inspire them and let them inspire each other so that they want to continue and have fun with the sport. We are really grateful that we could get so many pro riders here this weekend - they were a huge inspiration for the young ones!! We are already in the making of a summer camp. This time we had a waiting list for the camp, so it´s definitely something that we see that young kiters would like to participate in." - Camilla Ringvold
- "This is from now on a tradition here in Norway! We welcome you all next year!" - Martin Aune Østerdal
christian juell teamkjrer for urge og camp leder viser bort kunster
torstein ndland fra stavanger og bastian solbakken fra nordstrand i oslo sammen med profesjonelle snkiter remi meum til hyre
susi mai med lilla lue med gjengen
Photo by Christian Black Photography
About Youth Empire
Youth Empire is a gathering of the world's next generation of kiteboarders. Powered by Cabrinha, programs throughout the world offer young riders from the ages of 10-18 an opportunity to learn more about kiteboarding and the lifestyle. Activities include clinics, demos and talks by pro riders.This was the first Youth Empire event in Norway - and we are looking forward to continue the success.

Girls On Top

pkra_2011_mexico_race.jpgThe PKRA Racing Kiteboard World Tour & Freestyle Pro 2011 in beautiful Playa del Carmen / Mexico finished yesterday with the Cabrinha Girls on top! Caroline Adrien came in 1st and Melissa Gill came in 2nd.

Alby Back on the Podium!

alby4The first event of the Pkra World Tour just ended here in beautiful Hua Hin, Thailand and there's no better way to start that off than on the podium!
Thailand, known for his warm, sunny weather and consistent wind, surprised us with cold stormy weather (temperatures down to 16-20'C)! We did have lots of wind to run all the disciplines, so everybody was happy!
Competiting at the first event of the year its always tricky, because you never know how the other riders have trained over the winter, or if they have any new tricks in their pockets...so you always have to look out and do your best everytime.
I had some solid heats riding against my mate Mario Rodwald and then Mike Blomvall. I had a bad start in the semifinals, against Marc Jacobs, breaking one of my footstraps...and heading into the looser final against Alvaro Onieva from Spain. I had a really good heat and made it to the podium in the singles elimination!
Weather forecasts were not looking promising at all, so the judges decided to go straight into the double and finish all the freestyle in one day! So in the afternoon i went out again to defend my 3rd place again Alex Pastor, vice world Champ. Conditions were very sketchy, as the wind was very up and down..but I had a good heat and saved my 3rd place!
Then I lost again with Jacobs, in a close decision... but I'm stoked anyway to be on the podium at the first event of the year!
I'm back home for a couple days now, before heading to Dakhla, Morocco, for the 2nd stop of the Pkra!
Alby w/ Check in hand
alby 3
PKRA Thailand View from Above
Back handle pass.
Rail grab
alby 2

Kite Beach closed for Tsunami Damage

A tsunami hit the Hawaiian Islands early Friday morning after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake shook Japan at 7:46 p.m. Thursday Hawaii time. Initially, the earthquake's magnitude was put at 8.9.

The damage resulted in the parks department closing Kite Beach due to flooded parking lots and 6-10’ drop offs where the sand had been sheared away. Click here for a slide show of the damage.

The Maui Kiteboarding Community went out in full force for a long day of removing rocks and debris from the Lessons Beach Kite Launch after the recent tsunami. The beach was a minefield of glass, rock, tin cans and other debris.  But looks better now than it did before.

Pro Beach is still looking rough with tress down, fences washed away and the picnic table noticeably missing. Stay tuned for video footage and more pictures.




Introducing Christian & Karine


CabrinhaKites is pleased to introduce Christian Harris and Karine Nativel, who are joining our Team as key Technique Educators and European Brand Ambassadors.

Christian and Karine have been hosting coaching holidays and clinics since 2003. Their unique training style starts with a phenomenal background knowledge of all things that relate to kitesurfing. Their encompassing male and female perspectives and vast understanding of the different aspects of the sport comes from the considerable amount of time they spend on the water themselves plus the experience they have learned over the years of instructing their guests. The ever developing and evolving way they instruct kitesurfing, not to mention a formidable Anglo-Franco alliance, and a hefty dose of fun make the pair ideal Ambassadors and Educators.

If you fancy a week or more of energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, coaching, progression and fun, whilst squeezing in a year’s worth of learning, with a killer group of motivated people...Indulge yourself in one of their select clinics in Cape Verde, Venezuela, Egypt or Brazil. Check out dates and availability at their new website www.ckperformanceclinics.co.uk

Christian and Karine will soon be bringing you their "Secrets of Kitesurfing" series exclusively to the Cabrinha website. Focusing on the little things that make a huge difference. Stay tuned for more....

We Be Jammin'

kite jam from airThe Billabong BVI Kite Jam was one of the best events of the year. Sponsored by Billabong, Cabrinha & Richard Branson the week long festivities in the beautiful British Virgin Islands had it all.  From the "Round Necker" Challenge to the downwinder at Windless Bight to surfing head high waves at Cow Wreck Beach to flat water sessions with short rails & a kicker no detail was left out.  Big thank you to Scotty Wilson and Charlie Smith for organizing the event of the year.


Custom BVI Jam Kites


2011 BVI Jam Crew

bvi crew

Dre in his element

dre in his element

Dre in his element #2

dre  girls

Susi on Board the Cabrinha Boat

susi on board

Pete and Dre after a day kiting

back on land pete dre

Backflip off the boat

backflip off the boat

Cow Wreck Beach

cowreck- the perfect setup

Dre Surfing

dre surfing 1

Necker Beach Bar

the necker beach bar



Back in the Snow

d soldier snow kite event 1It has been over 10 years or more since I had touched my race skies or even been on snow!  I ventured this year out with my brother to Idaho to get a taste of my previous life as a ski racer!!  It was like being a little kid. Epic snow conditions beautiful days. Everyone had a nice laugh at our old skies and boots, but when it came down to racing well it was all cleared up as my old stuff still worked and I managed to take the win in my first snowkite event! Ken Lucus and I managed to take first and third in the Snowkite Soldier event for Cabrinha. A big thanks goes out to Trisha and Monty for all your efforts for a great event!  Also to Dave Grossman with Drift snowkite Magazine and all the volunteers and helpers that put the effort to make this such a special time for us flying up from Florida! More info at www.snowkitetour.com.    Thanks Damo

For more photos visit www.damienleroy.com
Results Below:  Congrats to all the athletes!

Pro Ski
1. Damien Leroy
Tie: Jon McCabe, Ken Lucas
4. Tyler Brown
5. Ray Leroy
6. Chris Nester
7. Luke Orton
8. Jamy Donaldsen

Pro Board
1. Billy Bordy
Tie: Aaron Sales, Jacob Buzianis
4. Oliver Palmers
5. James Brown
6. Remi Meum
7. Matt Thames
8. Nate Boer
9. Stuart Penny

Womens Ski
1. Melissa Cronin
2. Trisha Smith
Tie: Renee Decosse, Francis Cronin
5. Monica Bassett

Womens Board
1. Colleen Carroll
2. Katherine Fischer
3. Lisa Kay Keen
4. Mary Zingarelli

Amateur Men’s Ski
Tie: Ravil Muslymov, Richard Hallman
3. Sheldon Decosse
4. Nick Levi

Amateur Mens Board
1. Frank Wittke
2. Chris Philp
3. Jack Zwnberg

AKSA Nationals

keahi 032aSo after a year of not having a Wave Nationals, it was great to see an event this year with the 2011 AKSA National Wave Kiting Championships held on the 3rd - 7th of January at Warrnambool in Victoria. With some great wind and waves on offer, it was good to see everyone riding and how good the standard is. The waves were pretty solid and although the wind wasn't perfect it allowed for some pretty good riding. In the end I managed to take out 1st place in the opens with Mike Walker in 2nd and Dave Sorenson in 3rd. It was a really fun week and a big thanks goes out to everyone who organised the event and helped out.


keahi 032

keahi 033

warnambool  raw 173

Photos by Gary Becus

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