Caroline Adrien finishes 1st

p1170822The town of San Carlos de Bariloche welcomed competitors from all over the world today as the highly anticipated PKRA tour stop finally made its debut after months of preparation and organization.

In the women’s division, French rider Caroline Adrien (Cabrinha, FRA) was no stranger to the cold water finishing first in both races today.

SOURCE:Surfer Today

Duel In the Desert Trench

rob_douglas_team_201_1Rob Does It Again…Recaptures Outright World Speedsailing Record.

OCTOBER 28TH, 2010

Call it amazing…call it ballsy…call it, “The Duel In the Desert Trench.” Drama personified in Ludertiz yesterday resulted in success for Team NASSP. Mission Accompished. Rob Douglas (USA 55 / Blue Leader) has accomplished exactly what he set out to do…he proudly and courageosly recaptured the Outright World Speed Sailing Record yesterday in the Ludertiz, 2nd Lagoon Trench.

With winds in excess of 45 knots and sand storms and sea spray all around, Rob entered The Trench. Riding his 9m Switchblade and speed board of choice, wearing his helmet and all additional padding and protection, Rob sailed down the Ludertiz Trench into a very questionable finishing area (completely closed and close to rocks and sand banks). He has once again sailed into the annals of sailing history…World Record Speed of 55.65 knots !

On Rob’s second run he got fouled up during the finish and fractured his right wrist. The NASSP Team has decided to have Rob return prematurely to Boston, MA. to undergo necessary medical procedures. On his return flight Rob will be accompanied by NASSP founding sponsor Bill Lynch (USA 52 / Green Leader).

Meanwhile, Jamie and Morgan will keep the kites in the sky as the high wind continues to pound the 2nd Lagoon. Coach Gebhardt will remain with The Boys.

Watch the video here.



Final results of the 2010 Luderitz Speed Challenge:








Rob Douglas (WR & NR)





Sebastien Cattelan (NR)





Alex Caizergues





Sebastien Salerno





Sylvain Hoceini





Gavin Broadbent (NR)





Basil Cambanis (NR)





Taro Niehaus





Charlotte Consorti (Ladies WR & NR)





Morgan Douglas





Jamie Douglas





Stefan Metzger (NR)





Manu Taub





Patrice Menossi





Sophie Routaboul





Marc Avella (NR)





Christophe Prin-Guenon





Fred Kloren





Tim Pumpa (NR)





Jernej Privsek (NR)





Anders Bringdal (NR) [W]





Sjoukje Bredenkamp





Zsolt Lenkei (NR)





Bill Lynch





Farrel O-Shea [W]





Afrit Foued (NR)





Nick Vardalaxos [W]





Andrea Baldini [W]





Zara Davis (PR) [W]





Leila Nouar




Susi Mai and A All Chicks Camp in the Philippines

chicks camp boracayPAGUDPUD is located at the northern tip of the Philippines. It's white-sand beaches and crystal-blue water make it a haven for tourists (mainly surfers) from all over the world. Maira-Ira Point is an emerging attraction with its secluded beach known as the Blue Lagoon and is the most popular surf spot in the area. Strong winds brought by the Amihan season make the paddle out difficult, however those winds make this an ideal kitesurfing spot.

The region of Bicol in Luzon is regarded as the extreme sports mecca of the Philippines due in part to the emergence of the Camsur Watersports Complex. CWC offers a 6-point cable system, coupled with restaurants, sand bars, spas, pro-shops and grand stands for viewing.

SECO ISLAND once secret, is now the most popular kitesurfing safari destination in the Philippines. Accessible by boat only, the island gets is name from it's resemblance of an elbow (“siko” in native tongue) and boasts 400m of pure white sand in the middle of the ocean with the tallest shrub standing only a few feet high. It is regarded as the best kite spot in the country because of the consistent winds, the tranquility and the scenery in the surrounding area.

Boracay is a tropical island located approximately 315 km to (200 miles) south of Manila and 2 km to the north-western tip of the island of Panay in Eastern Visayas in the Philippines. This is one of the famous destination for tourists in the country. It is regarded as #6 in the top 10 beaches of the world with it’s infamous white sand and the breathtaking sunset view. It is regarded as the Ibiza of the Philippines, It houses the biggest beach resorts in the country and even national / international franchises around the island.




Not Afraid

jesseheli-09-10aJesse Richman the 2 time KPWT World Champ, at the ripe old age of 18, has turned in his gloves. “This year I decided to leave the contest scene. I had a great few years traveling around and competing and overall it was a really fun experience.  I am stoked to have the titles. But I am done with the world tour for now... I feel like it’s just too much of the same. We need to get some excitement back into it. Contest are about pushing the riders and the sport... and having fun.  And I do plan on being part of the comps that are doing that. There is movement in that direction and we all need to get behind it.”
So what has Jesse been up to since he walked away from the world tour?
“I learned some valuable life lessons this summer.
Rule of life number 1.  Don’t be the first one over the Falls....
Some of the Cabrinha crew went to the Gorge this summer.  We had some nuts 50 knots plus riding, fun mini bike rallying and did a few stupid things we probably shouldn't have been doing.  One of the great ideas was to check out some waterfalls. The one we stopped at was a massive 80 footer and the plan was to jump off.  We went down to scope it from the bottom first.  At this point we got the brilliant idea to go up river and float off the waterfall.  After a lot of encouragement from the local crew I found myself the first one...heading towards the falls, with nothing but my boardshorts.  Hind site is 20/20... I should have let someone try this out before me in a kayak or something.  On the way down I smacked a rock with my heel and then got held down totally submerged for an eternity.  I came up about 100 yards down stream with everyone super relieved to see me.  And me even happier to breath again.  After recovering from shock and a trip to the familiar Hood River ER I ended up on crutches for a month with a bruised heel and some stress fractures.
Rule of life number 2.   Water is softer than land.
jesse2One of my favorite things to do on land is mountain bike.  The thing is, when you fall off a bike you hit dirt, rock, trees, pavement... something hard.  It’s not as nice as a water landing.  A few months back I was riding a trail in the Makawao Forest. There is a wooden bridge you hit on the trial.  I’ve done it 100 times before.  But this time one of the boards broke just as I crossed, I went down pretty hard and when I got up my hand did not look right at all. I ended up having to get 3 metal pins stuck in to various bones in my hand and was out of the game for another 4 weeks. I was going a bit crazy so I actually started running, it was the only thing I could do.
I am very happy to be able to kite again, it has been a long summer with a lot of injuries and hospital visits. I am amping up for winter on Maui and glad to be riding again. I plan on going to the Core Jam, and the Wind or no Wind Jam.  Would love to do the BVI Jam but haven’t got that all dialed in yet.
I am also very happy to say that coming out soon will be the long awaited travel stories of Cam and Jesse, the movie "Modernistic".  We plan on having a premier party and I’ll get all of the details out soon.”

Follow Cam

cam oktIt's just total randomness... no really...  We know he’s been traveling the globe with stops in Peru where he met up with photographer Brian Elkus, and other pros Jason Slezak, Julien Fillion, Josh Mulcoy, as well as our very own Nick Rickert.  They based out of Samana Chakra in Mancora, soaking in the tranquility and the amazing cuisine between the sets.

After a stop in LA for an In-N-Out burger, and a quick chat with his family Cam headed to the Animal Windfest 2010 in the UK which lacked wind this year but saw no lack of excellent beach activities. Between the Red Bull Matadors exhibition and the Animal trials bike show the beach in Poole was the place to be.  Animal threw amazingly fun parties with dress up themes from formal to comic.  And Cam turned in his Captain America suit at the end of a really fun week.

Straight from there he toured the legendary lands of sheep and Guinness doing an episode of Sessions with Susi.  The Rino Chaser or Big Wave event was on the books but the swell didn't make it.  So Cam and Susi toured around hitting pubs and checking out some of the countries hidden jewels.  Stay tuned for Sessions- episode 8. The 5-10 pints of Guinness a day were nice but to ensure his liver didn't get too lazy he headed to Germany to hit Oktoberfest.

cam okt 2Known as the largest People’s Fair in the world, 6.4 million people gathered to drink over one million gallons of beer!   This year was the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest and Cam found himself joining in traditional Lederhosen and Dirndlssinging along to the popular Bavarian drinking song Ein Prosi. After spending four long days marinating in beer tents with all the music, food, and liters of beer Cam could handle, it was time to get back to Uk then to the east coast to see his Grandma...then to the west coast... then home to Maui.


American speed sailors arrive in Namibia

namibia_welcome_mThe first contingent of team North American Speed Sailing Project is on the ground, in Namibia, after a 30min boat ride, 1 hour car ride, 7 hour jet ride, 11 hour jet ride, 14 hour layover in Cape Town airport, 2 hour jet ride ended with an 8 hour car ride. That's over 60 hours of travel.

Kite gear is set up and photo/video cameras are ready to roll. The video of the event days will be posted with a new Go Pro HD video camera.

A good forecast evaporated for Friday and Sunday, but it looks like there will be 4 to 5 days of 20 to 25 knots next week for some tuning and testing. Stay tuned for video.

Coach Gephardt says the new boards from Mike Z look really good!

The new Cabrinha 10,9 and 8 Switchblades will be tested along side the new 2011 Crossbows.


7800 KTA Turkey

turkey_event_bannerFollowing the success of the first season the KTA was back in action again kicking off with a great opening round in Cesme Turkey. The 2010/11 KTA Asia Tour hit the ground running with a challenging four days of competition, two with cross onshore, two with cross-offshore winds and a sneaky no wind day to party and kick back neatly slotted in the middle.

At the end of it all it was one happy crowd of kiters that left Cesme from the stunning bay that houses 7800 Hotel and Residences which along with Audi A1 has given the riders a unique experience of Turkish hospitality along with the biggest cash prize purse the KTA has been able to offer to date - US$10,000. On top of this, there was also support from the industry with title brand sponsor Cabrinha supplying a further US$10,000 worth of equipment as incentive for the winning riders.

Day one started proceedings with a cracking killer Kiteloop competition, grabbing the attention of the beach crowds at a venue that has not seen kiteboarding action before on its shores. Taking the honours from these opening battles was Merve Ceyan representing Turkey for the women and Robin Snuggs from the UK winning it for the men.

Following on from the Kiteloop competition, the women’s freestyle took to the water with some kicking heats showing great style and power from the riders as they fought their way through the single eliminator to a closely fought final between the UK’s Hannah Whitely and the KTA’s current tour champion Germany’s Kathrin Borgwardt. In the end it was to be Hannah winning first place after a two to one decision from the judges.

The next day was the turn of the guys, who in variable wind conditions put out some very high quality performances, making the most of the conditions as they moved through their single eliminator. It was good to see some great riding from many of the local riders giving some of the sponsored riders a tough time getting by them. Local rider and recently crowned Turkish Champion Tanner Aykurt, showed he was still very much on form as he moved steadily through to the finals to meet one of the events pro-riders Mallory de la Villamarque. Although the wind did at this point turn a little light, the two riders pulled out all the stops with Mallory taking the final leading position.

The singles done, the event then moved over into course racing which this year includes both race board and TT classes. Two races were to take place on the second day, with a further four on the third. The first two races enjoyed the same cross onshore winds as the freestyle riders, but following a no wind day the fourth day was a completely different challenge with the winds turning offshore, making leaving and returning to the beach every bit a challenge as the racing itself.

With everything still very much to play for the riders woke up to the final day of competition in Turkey with the winds still blowing offshore, but building in strength.  The final course races of the event set the day in motion with the continuing battles in the men’s fleet between Tanner and his brother Yenner, while over in the women’s side of things the same was being mirrored by Kathrin and Merve. However it was TT rider Sezer Ince that cause the biggest stir of the day when he took the top slot in the first race leaving the race boards firmly in his wake, so not quite all over just yet for the twin-tip boys it seems.

With the winds building and nine races already returned for the tour stop, head judge Stephan Hertig and guest race director from the IKA Markus Schwendtner took the decision to complete the freestyle double eliminator. Brave decision with the tricky beach leave and return, but it proved to be the right move and it was great to hear from the riders that they appreciated the professionalism and confidence of the race team to take on the final days conditions to give them the full finish to both competitions.

The event in the end returned full freestyle double eliminators and nine course races, after opening with a killer Kiteloop competition and then closing out with a final Hangtime season. Even the no wind day was not all sit and chill as you can check out on the photo and video reports of the day, notice when you do the tidy skills of the riders as they wake style it out across the 7800 floating pontoon in the inspired and popular grab a bottle of beer competition!

For freestyle it was in the end to be Mallory and Hannah who hung onto their single eliminator positions to take the KTA Turkey tiles, but not before the final day crowds were treated to some excellent displays of power and technique as the rest of the field from both the men and the women’s competitions attempted to upset proceedings.

So a fantastic start to the season with even bigger things being planned for the future in Turkey, so watch this space as they say and lookout for the first KTA video teaser that will tie things up for the 7800 KTA Turkey. Then next stop Hainan Island in China as the KTA moves on from the first country in Asia to the heartland of region.

For further information on the 7800 KTA Turkey check out the daily video reports, event photos, full results list and rankings on the official KTA website which for the first time also includes the archive of the KTA’s first webcast that went out live during the event.

And finally to those important overall results then –

Freestyle Men

  1. Mallory De La Villamarque
  2. Tanner Aykurt
  3. Luke Whiteside

Freestyle Women

  1. Hannah Whiteley
  2. Arzu Taylan
  3. Kathrin Bogwardt

Course Race Men (overall)

  1. Yener Aykurt
  2. Tanner Aykurt
  3. Sezer Ince

Course Race Women (overall)

  1. Kathrin Bogwardt
  2. Merve Ceylan
  3. Arzu Taylan

Course Race Men (TT class)

  1. Sezer Ince
  2. Erkin Sunal
  3. Serdar Kradeniz

Course Race Women (TT class)

  1. Nesli Kocakiran
  2. Maria Simila
  3. Damla Pakize Guokmen


Robin Snuggs – Men

Merve Ceylan – Women


Ozgar Ceylan – Men

Arzu Yaylan – Women

Bruno Sroka's Video from Maui Visit

bruno race video1Bruno Sroka the KTE race course champ took some time off from the circuit this summer and got a little creative in front of the camera on a recent trip to Maui. To view his French razzeldazzle click here.


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