KTA Philippines

KTA Philippines

Boracay has provided the KTA Philippines tour stop with a touch of everything you would want for a top-level kiteboard event. Four days of great competition, in a stunning tropical location with parties that no one will be forgetting for a good while.

Throughout the competition the wind conditions did vary, but in the end the KTA was able to complete each of the IKA sanctioned disciplines and even add a local speed event as requested by the local host organisers at the Hangin Kiteboard Centre.  So in the end a great result for the riders given the forecasts that were given before the event began.

Along with the good conditions it was great to have a number of pro-riders along for this round of the KTA, including Cabrinha’s  Susi Mai who was along to open the event and run a pre-competition girls kite clinic as well as sitting in on the mike to commentate on the action. Along with Susi it was also fantastic to have Mallory de la Villemarque (North), Florian Daubos (Naish), Bobo Corniel (EH) and Flexifoil’s Robby Snuggs mixing it out on the water with the rest of the KTA riders. So with everything on our side and an entry of 59 riders from 20 countries the stage was set.

Go check out the event pictures, full results and video’s for the KTA Philippines video at the official KTA website www.kiteboardtour.asia

KTA Philippines Results

Freestyle Men’s
1 Robin Snuggs
2 Mallory de la Villeque
3 Florian

Freestyle Women’s
1 Kathryn Borgwardt
2 Carla Del Moral
3 Nuria Gorma

Course Race Men’s
1 Tanner Aykurt
2 Deivis Maceiulis
3 Narapichat Pudla Yo 

Course Race Women’s
1 Nuria Goma
2 Kathyn Borgwardt
3 Carla Del Moral

Speed Men’s
1 Angel Parzhuber
2 Tony Heiss
3 Bobo Corniel

Speed Women’s
1 Candice Shedley
2 Lizel Tio
3 Jannike Stav



2010 is up and running and the KTA tour is back as we head for round three at Mui Ne in Vietnam at the end of this month.

Mui Ne is a well established kiteboard destination in Asia and one with a reputation for regular strong wind conditions, so be sure to also pack your small kites if you are thinking of heading there to compete.

The KTA Vietnam will be running from the 28th – 31st January on the beachfront that runs between the C2Sky kite centre at the Sunshine Beach Resort and Sankara. C2Sky are the KTA’s main local organiser and are the people who can help you out, so check out all the details and information on the Vietnam tour stop page on the KTA website.

The morning of the 28th of Jan will be registration time, but it anticipated that there will be a very strong turn out in Mui Ne so make sure that you register here online to secure your chance to compete. If the numbers reach the max limits as they are expected then the afternoon of the 28th will kick-off with pre-eliminator rounds for all the non-seeded riders joining the KTA Vietnam event. So join us for the first big comp of 2010, its promising big winds, top competition and some awesome Mui Ne parties - www.kiteboardtour.asia

KTA Tour Leaders

Men’s Freestyle  
Ken Nacor (Philippines)                
Yo (Thailand)               
Sedat Celenk (Turkey)           

Women's Freestyle
Hill Siu (Hong Kong)  
Tuija Sarp (Finland)
Dianne Hanlin (Australia)

Men's Course Race –
Yo (Thailand)               
Sedat Celenk (Turkey)           
Deivis Maciulis (Lithuania)

Hill Siu (Hong Kong)    
Tuija Sarp (Finland)
Kathrin Borgwardt (Germany)

Crossing for a Cause


Natalie Clarke plans to kiteboard across Bass Strait in February 2010 to raise funds for a facility to accommodate a swim school for special needs (predominately Autistic) children. Research has indicated that these children progress in their development of physical, social and mental wellbeing thorough swimming lessons. Learn more about her story here or join the Facebook group to follow her incredible journey and find out how you can contribute.

Dre and Jake Do Nothin' Video

picture_1Adam Anton's long awaited Kitescoop.com 2.0 is now live with interviews, videos, and of course, the forum of never-ending tasteless kiteboarding matter. Andre Phillip and Jake Kelsick got busy putting together this video for its launch. Click here to check it out.

Jesse Richman Does it Again - 2x World Champion



Congratulations to Jesse Richman for becoming 2009 KPWT World Champion! Also Bruno Sroka for his course racing crown and the rest of the Cabrinha crew that competed this year.

Overall Men:
1. Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA)
2. Leander Vyvey (BEL, JN)
3. Antoine Auriol (FRA, KITELOOSE)

Overall Women:
1. Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE)
2. Kriss Kinn (US, BEST)
3. Gisela Pulido (SPA, AIRUSH)

Freestyle Men:
1. Petr Tyushkevich (RUS, FLEXIFOIL)
2. Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA)
2. Leander Vyvey (BEL, JN)
4. Mickael Schitzhofer (AUS, JN)

Freestyle Women:
1. Gisela Pulido (SPA, AIRUSH)
2. Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE)
3. Kriss Kinn (US,BEST)

Course Racing Men:
1. Bruno Sroka (FRA, CABRINHA)
2. Abel Lago (SPA, RRD)
3. Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA)

Course Racing Women:
1. Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE)
2. Kriss Kinn (US, BEST)
3. Gisela Pulido (SPA, AIRUSH)

Sliders Men:
1. Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA)
2. Cameron Dietrich (HAW, CABRINHA)
3. Stefan Permien (GER, KITEFACTORY)

Sliders Women:
1. Gisela Pulido (SPA, AIRUSH)
2. Kriss Kinn (US, BEST)
3. Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE)

Wave Master Men:
1. Jan Marcos Riveras (DOM REP, STARKITES)
2. Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA)
3. Abel Lago (SPA, RRD)

Wave Master Women:
1. Kirsty Jones (UK, NORTH)
2. Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE)
3. Kriss Kinn (US, BEST)

Kiteloop Men:
1. Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA)
2. Blazej Ozog (POL, NORTH)
3. Mickael Schitzhofer (AUS, JN)

Kiteloop Women:
1. Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE)
2. Kriss Kinn (US, BEST)
3. Kirsty Jones (UK, NORTH)

KTA Second Round: Hong Kong

img_5947_largeWell it has to be said that in the end typhoon Nida has had more than its fair share of input to the second round of the KTA. Nida, which appeared in the region last week has twisted the regions weather patterns, which at the competition venue in Hong Kong has meant wind directions varying from bang on North through to South East and even beyond due South at times. In the end this sadly resulted in only one solid day of competition, which did allow the course racing to achieve results but did not give the opportunity for any freestyle to take place.

Still the KTA Hong Kong had seen a good entry again with 38 riders registering from 14 different countries’, which included this time, Egypt, the UK, Spain and Germany.

On the cards for the event were both national and international level competitions, with the final leg of the KTA Greater China freestyle and course racing championships alongside the continuing KTA tour disciplines.

Following a traditional Chinese opening ceremony for good luck conducted by the events headline local sponsors the KHKA, the wind appeared on day two giving the event 25kt North winds that dropped into the bay from the Lantau mountains. Earlier forecasts for the week have been giving the event cross-shore Easterly winds at around the 20kt area, but with arrival of Nida the outlook of stable good wind conditions became a bit hopeful.

For the competition beach at Cheung Sha a North wind would mean offshore conditions and a tough day for riders and organisers alike. It was clear from the start that the winds would not be stable enough on the inside to run freestyle, but out into the bay the things cleaned up and did allow for some quality course racing

So with the marker buoys set the men’s fleet gathered for the first start. Unfortunately as the first riders cleared the start line it was clear that there had been a mass false starts and the race was recalled. The second start was a good one with the main pack of racers taking off on a right tack, with only a few heading out on the left side. Port tack was the call though as Hong Kong local, Cabrinha’s Mike Raper came through the first mark ahead of the fleet. Though at this point Mike caught a lull and Taner Kurt from Turkey blasted through towards the downwind mark, followed closely by the first round course race winner Yo from Thailand and the Philippines Douqe De la Santos.

However, Mike was not finished yet and once again showed the advantage of being on home turf as he again took a wide left hand run to slingshot back into the downwind mark taking the lead back for the crosswind leg. This he then held through to the finish line with Taner holding the second spot over Yo. It was interesting to note that both first and second place riders were on directional race boards, which seemed to give an advantage over the rest of the fleet who were all riding twin-tips.

In the Greater China national event there was again a closely fought race, particularly between the first two riders throughout the course. In the end Hoi Tin from Hong Kong, came in ahead of Dennis Wong from China with Matthew Spragg taking the third slot. Dennis was in the end however moved into first place following a post race protest committee, which ruled that Hoi Tin had not crossed the finishing line correctly.

For the women’s course race all riders made a clean start on the first green flag with the lead changing several times between Calra Delmoral from Spain, local rider Hill Siu, Japan’s Reiko Kimura and Kathrin Borgwardt from Germany, as they tacked to the upwind buoy. In the end it was to be Hill that took the mark first followed by Katherin, the fight was then on between the pair of them to the downwind turn with Carla and Reiko battling for the next two spots. Hill again made the mark first and in the crosswind section finally pulled away from Kathrin to secure her first place position. Kathrin then crossed the line in second with Reiko taking a clean third. The main battle was now between Carla and Aiyah (Japan) who had taken the downwind mark in front of Carla, but on the reach Carla hit the gas on her Ozone and pulled away from the half way stage to secure the fourth position.

Despite the lack of wind for the remaining days the KTA ‘no wind’ plan worked well with riders competing in a very popular and well contested SUP racing event - which for the men gave a great win for Yo of Thailand over New Zealand’s Mike Raper as he snuck in and turned tigher on the final buoy. It was an Aussie win for the women as Ali Dudfield  beat Kathrin Bogwardt in a surf SUP final with 3 waves to 1. Big thanks to KTA tour sponsor Cabrinha for supplying the event with its new range of SUP boards, which provide one of the tours key ‘no wind’ competition alternatives.

The day was then completed with a well appreciated and very interactive pro-riders clinic given by Alberto Rondina (Cabrinha) and Julien Hosp (F1), both of whom are PKRA riders with Alberto of course recently making all the headlines by putting five times world champion Aaron Hadlow out of the running for his sixth consecutive world title. The last day also saw a second riders clinic given by Cabrinha’s chief designer alongside David Hastilow the company’s top test rider, who together fielded a whole range of questions from the riders on kite development.

For the full race results, video and photo’s from the KTA Hong Kong tour stop go to the KTA official website – www.kiteboardtour.asia

Christophe Martin Shows Off the Handikite



French Cabrinha rider Christophe Martin demonstrates how he kites without the use of his legs on a specially made board during a French Freestyle competition. He hopes to compete in the wave competition in 2010. Check out the inspiring photos here and visit his website.

New American Speed Records



Congratulations to Cabrinha riders Rob Douglas and Melissa Gil for bringing home American speed records at the Luderitz Speed Challenge 2009.

2009 Luderitz Speed Challenge Records
Alex Caizergues (F-One) – World kiteboard speed record: 50.98 knots

Rob Douglas (Cabrinha) – USA outright speed sailing record: 50.95knots

Jernej Privsek (Jägermeister) – Slovenian outright speed sailing record: 44.59 knots

Felipe Johannpeter (Genetrix) – Brazil outright speed record: 42.14 knots

Melissa Gil (Cabrinha) – USA woman’s national speed record: 38.00 knots

Get all the updates on this year's event here.

Asia’s first international kiteboard tour goes to Hong Kong


The KTA Second Round in association with Evason Six Senses Spa and the KHKA

The world’s fastest growing and newest watersports phenomenon is set to come to the shores of high tech Hong Kong at the start of December.

The Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) which is staging the second round of its five stop international competition tour in Hong Kong from the 2 – 5 December 09. The event will be based on the beautiful Cheung Sha beach on South Lantau at the new purpose built, Palm Beach watersports centre.

A good local rider turnout is anticipated for the Hong Kong tour stop along with a strong international field from countries across not only Asia but further a field also. Competition will take place between 10am – 5pm each day with competitors displaying their talents in both the freestyle and course racing events – all sanctioned for world ranking points under the IKA and ISAF.

Whilst the KTA tour promises to be a unique sporting spectacle as it travels around the region over the next few months, it also has another target it is determined to fulfil and that is to create new opportunities and chances for local riders, an opportunity not only to compete on an international stage in Asia, but to been seen and recognised by the wider watersports community worldwide. In support of this the KTA has put in place a Riders Grant scheme, details of which can be found on the KTA website.

The KTA Hong Kong is strongly support by its local organiser and sponsors the KHKA, who are one of Hong Kong’s leading kiteboard groups and schools, along with kiteboard industry leaders the Hong Kong based Cabrinha Kites and the Evason Six Sense Spa as the KTA tour headline sponsor.

For the full information on all the KTA Hong Kong tour stop and all the other countries it will be visiting please go to the official website www.kiteboardtour.asia Here you can also view the KTA in action during its first round event in Xiamen China in early November on the KTA You Tube Channel.

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