Christophe Martin Shows Off the Handikite



French Cabrinha rider Christophe Martin demonstrates how he kites without the use of his legs on a specially made board during a French Freestyle competition. He hopes to compete in the wave competition in 2010. Check out the inspiring photos here and visit his website.

New American Speed Records



Congratulations to Cabrinha riders Rob Douglas and Melissa Gil for bringing home American speed records at the Luderitz Speed Challenge 2009.

2009 Luderitz Speed Challenge Records
Alex Caizergues (F-One) – World kiteboard speed record: 50.98 knots

Rob Douglas (Cabrinha) – USA outright speed sailing record: 50.95knots

Jernej Privsek (Jägermeister) – Slovenian outright speed sailing record: 44.59 knots

Felipe Johannpeter (Genetrix) – Brazil outright speed record: 42.14 knots

Melissa Gil (Cabrinha) – USA woman’s national speed record: 38.00 knots

Get all the updates on this year's event here.

Asia’s first international kiteboard tour goes to Hong Kong


The KTA Second Round in association with Evason Six Senses Spa and the KHKA

The world’s fastest growing and newest watersports phenomenon is set to come to the shores of high tech Hong Kong at the start of December.

The Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) which is staging the second round of its five stop international competition tour in Hong Kong from the 2 – 5 December 09. The event will be based on the beautiful Cheung Sha beach on South Lantau at the new purpose built, Palm Beach watersports centre.

A good local rider turnout is anticipated for the Hong Kong tour stop along with a strong international field from countries across not only Asia but further a field also. Competition will take place between 10am – 5pm each day with competitors displaying their talents in both the freestyle and course racing events – all sanctioned for world ranking points under the IKA and ISAF.

Whilst the KTA tour promises to be a unique sporting spectacle as it travels around the region over the next few months, it also has another target it is determined to fulfil and that is to create new opportunities and chances for local riders, an opportunity not only to compete on an international stage in Asia, but to been seen and recognised by the wider watersports community worldwide. In support of this the KTA has put in place a Riders Grant scheme, details of which can be found on the KTA website.

The KTA Hong Kong is strongly support by its local organiser and sponsors the KHKA, who are one of Hong Kong’s leading kiteboard groups and schools, along with kiteboard industry leaders the Hong Kong based Cabrinha Kites and the Evason Six Sense Spa as the KTA tour headline sponsor.

For the full information on all the KTA Hong Kong tour stop and all the other countries it will be visiting please go to the official website Here you can also view the KTA in action during its first round event in Xiamen China in early November on the KTA You Tube Channel.

Podium Finishes for Cabrinha KPWT Brazil


Congratulations to Jesse Richman, Susi Mai, and Bruno Sroka for their solid performances at SUPERKITE BRAZIL 2009

Junior Freestyle Results:
1st  Eudazio Silva (BRA, LIQUID FORCE)
2nd Set Gomes (BRA, LIQUID FORCE)
3rd  Julien Kerner (FRA, TAKOON)

Freestyle Men:
1. Evandro Da Silva (BRA, RRD)
2. Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA)
3. Tomas Teixeira (BRA, RRD)

Freestyle Women:
1. Karolina Winkowska (POL, NAISH)
2. Susi Mai (GER, CABRINHA)
3. Gisela Pulido (SPA, AIRUSH)

Wave Master Men:
1. Jan Marcos Riveras (DOM REP, STARKITES)
2. Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA)
3. Gustavo Foerster (BRA, NAISH)

Wave Master Women:
1. Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE)
2. Kirsty Jones (UK, NORTH)
3. Jalou Langeree (HOL,NAISH)

Course Racing Men:
1. Pedro Carvalho (BRA, BEST)
2. Bruno Sroka (FRA, CABRINHA)
3. Julien Kerner (FRA, TAKOON)

Course Racing Women:
1. Nayara Licariao (BRA, BEST)
2. Kari Schibevaag (NOR, OZONE)
3. Kriss Kinn (US, BEST)

French Cabrinha rider Caroline Adrien wins!

In Wimereux between October 24-28, 2009 the French Freestyle Championship scored three days of winds between 20-30 knots. After a single elimination for junior and men and double elimination women, we are proud to announce Cabrinha rider Caroline Adrien's win and Sarah Demdoum's 3rd place. Mathieu Judic (Cabrinha) finished the 4th place. Congratulations to all the riders that participated!

Australian Champion Keahi de Aboitiz Visits Japan

Australian Champion KEAHI de ABOITIZ recently took part in a local wave and freestyle contest in Japan. Due to a nearby typhoon, he scored some great waves with a 16-20 knots sideshore wind.  Spectators were treated to Keahi’s huge boosts and pro surf style.

The wave category gave Keahi an opportunity to battle against Taka, a professional windsurfer with local knowledge and experience.  But the very talented young Australian champ ripped and was awarded the title. Keahi also rose up the ladder in the freestyle category all the way to the final heat. His final heat was against Hiro, a 15 year old local prodigy.  This heat was another battle with Keahi again pulling off the win. For more photos, click here.

Asia's first ever Kiteboard Competition Tour

flyerKiteboard Tour Asia
Asia's first ever Kiteboard Competition Tour

The Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) has officially launched the first kiteboard competition tour to be based solely in the Asia region. The tour, which will be visiting five countries over the 09/10 Asian winter monsoon season, is a pro/am series of events open to male and female riders.

The KTA tour has been sanctioned by the International Kiteboard Association (IKA), the official world governing body for kiteboarding under the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). ISAF govern sailing events globally from national level competitions, through to events such as the Volvo world offshore ocean races and sailing and windsurfing in the Olympics.

Dan Sweeney Wins Junior British Kitesurfing Championships

16 year old Cabrinha Team Rider and 2008 Youth Empire Winner Dan Sweeney takes the overall win for the Juniors 2009 British Kitesurfing Surfing Freestyle Championships.

The British Kitesurfing Association (BKSA) hold 6 events across the UK where kitesurfers show off their skills by jumping over 40-ft in the air with a combination of spins, twists and tricks that involve looping the kite in the air generating an amazing amount of power.  Truly a sport that's not for the faint hearted.  Dan was awarded the title at the end of year championships in Redcar on October 10th 2009. 

Last year Dan won the ‘Youth Empire’ support by showing that he had the dedication and motivate in becoming a professional kitesurfer beating 25 other talented young kitesurfers under 18 in the UK.  Dan won a full years support on Cabrinha Kitesurfing products as well as help with mentoring and training.  Since then Dan has been involved in moving the Youth Empire program forward and helping other young people reach their goals and dreams in kitesurfing.

This year Dan travelled to Barbados with the new 2009 Cabrinha Nomad kites to get a little training in and test ride the new Cabrinha 2010 kites.  Since then Dan has been asked to go back with the support of Virgin Airlines to help promote the other islands.  Dan has become a international star.

For 2010 Dan has secured national sponsorship from Cabrinha UK as a team rider and he now moves into the UK professional circuit container for the 2010 professional title.

Alberto Rondina Wins Big in Sicily

Alberto Rondina continues to win on the Italian tour. In Sicily, Alberto locks in his title as Italian racing champion, and also nabbed 1st in Freestyle. Next stop: Sardina for the freestyle finals.


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