Alberto Rondina in Leucate

img_3179Best Trick Results for Mondial Du Vent in Leucate, France

1st - Youri Zoon (Slingshot, NED) Mobe 7
2nd - Kevin Langeree (Naish, NED) Mobe 7
3rd - Alberto Rondina (Cabrinha, ITA) Slim Chance to Blind

Congratulations to Alberto for placing in his first PKRA competition.

China Competition – Hainan 2009

China has just had it’s first ever Kitesurfing Competition, held in China’s Tropical Island  – Hainan -  The event was a great success.

img_2616_newsCabrinha International Team Rider David Hastilow was there as a special guest and was extremely impressed with the organization of the event. 

As with all competitions, the only thing you can’t control is the weather and unfortunately the wind didn’t quite hold for the event.  Despite this each rider persevered with what wind they had, creating a spectacle for the massive media representation.

img_2734_newsThe event was covered on many news channels, magazines and newspapers throughout China.

Dave Hastilow:  ‘This was an epic event, in a perfect location.  The weather was 35 degrees C each day.  The kiters from China were awesome and I’d like to thank the  event organizers for being so accommodating and great people with a real passion to have China as a big kite event location.  Can’t wait to go back!!!’

The organizers of the event are planning to repeat the event in December, which is the guaranteed windy season in Hainan.  The media will again be there in full force and it is promised to be a img_2883_newsspectacular event.

For more photos of the event, click here.

CABRINHA Continues to Dominate National Kite Competitions

CONTACT:  Kent Marinkovic, Adventure Sports, Inc.  305-591-3922

CABRINHA Continues to Dominate National Kite Competitions!
Cabrinha riders faced strong competition in Florida’s competitive Spring series of events, but came through once again proving that all kites are not created equal.  Cabrinha Kitesurfing… Innovations That Matter…

pack_3Miami Kiteboard Masters

attaa0adRacing Men
1st  Damien Leroy    CABRINHA   
2nd Kent  Marinkovic    CABRINHA       
3rd  Mike Gebhardt    CABRINHA   
4th Josh Noe        CABRINHA
attbd92e5th Brandon Bowe   
6th Todd Greaux        CABRINHA
7th Melissa Gill        CABRINHA
8th Garry Menk        CABRINHA

Racing Women
1st Melissa Gill        CABRINHA
2nd  Stacey Fonas        best

Freestyle Men

1st Damien Leroy        CABRINHA
attbf1b82nd Tom Field        north
3rd Will Caldwell        naish

Freestyle Women
1st Melissa Gill        CABRINHA

Islamorada Invitational

1st Damien Leroy        CABRINHA
2nd Billy Parker        flexifoil
3rd Kent Marinkovic    CABRINHA

1st Damien Leroy        CABRINHA
2nd Billy Parker        flexifoil

1st Damien Leroy        CABRINHA
2nd Andy Hurdman    liquid force
3rd Billy Parker        flexifoil
n749326998_2694239_56231634th Jon Modica        CABRINHA

1st Damien Leroy        CABRINHA
2nd Billy Parker        flexifoil
3rd Mike Gebhardt    CABRINHA
4th Jon Modica         CABRINHA

Tampa Bay Kite Masters Down Wind Race

1st Mike Hall        CABRINHA   
2nd Damien Leroy    CABRINHA
3rd Billy Parker        flexifoil

1st Melissa Gill        CABRINHA

Felix Sorau in Tenerife >Video

felix_sorau_videoAfter 2 months of really cold weather in Germany, Cabrinha team rider Felix Sorau missioned to Tenerife. He scored a few nice days on the water together with some friends and had a blast out there. Now he is back home and shared his new video “Raze." Enjoy watching!

Follow Steen Films' Video Blog

picture_1Cabrinha rider Kevin Steen has been keeping himself (and us!) entertained by documenting his travels and updating his film site. The Gypsy skate has made its way to Maui and Kevin captured Jason Stone for its first session. He also posted his wildcard submission to Triple S, and Day 1 and Day 2 of his adventures in Maui. If you ever wondered what life on Maui might be like, Kevin might have all the answers for you.

Cabrinha Demo Days - Florida, US

Saturday 2/21/09
Crandon Park, Miami, FL
4000 Crandon Blvd
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
(305) 361-5421

Sunday 2/22/09
P.M. Jupiter Kiteboarding and Cabrinha Demo
Jupiter Kiteboarding
1500 N. US HWY 1
Jupiter Florida, 33469

Monday 2/23/09
A.M. NPX  and Cabrinha Meeting Adrenalina
8001 S Orange Blossom # 1186
Orlando, FL 32809
(407) 858-2159

P.M. Goodbreeze Kiteboarding Cocoa Beach, FL,
Cabrinha Demo, NPX Video Night! 386-235-9804

Tuesday 2/24/09
P.M. Daytona, FL Sandy Point Progressive, Cabrinha Demo and NPX 3090 S. Ridgewood Ave.
S. Daytona, FL 32129

Wednesday 2/25/09
P.M. Jacksonville FL, All Wet Sports Cabrinha Demo and NPX Meeting. All Wet Sports
8550 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Thursday 2/26/09
Fort Walton Beach, FL XLKites Cabrinha Demo and NPX meeting.
42 Miracle Strip Pkwy. SE
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

Saturday 2/28/09
A.M. Largo, FL Watersports West Cabrinha Demo!
Watersports West 12900 Walsingham Road.
Largo, FL 33774

P.M. Tampa Race party, Watersports West!!
Sunday 3/1/09
Adrenalina in Tampa NPX.
2223 N Westshore Blvd # 187
Tampa, FL 33607
(813) 876-6930


Emerging Kite Star Dan Sweeney

dan sweeneyCabrinha UK kicked off the first youth training camps in 2008, culminating in the announcement of a full year sponsorship to one of the lucky riders. Much to 15 year old Dan Sweeney's surprise, his name was called to the podium.

You participated in the first Cabrinha youth program in the UK. Can you tell us a little about it?
I heard about the youth training from a good mate and it was to basically to meet some international team riders such as Andre Phillip, Susi Mai and Dave Hastilow and to help all the youngsters in the UK. But to mostly help and support the future of the younger kids who will make a mark on kitesurfing.  But not just terms of riding but tuning kit, working on profiles and learning new tricks. As the first year of the Cabrinha youth training we didn’t know what to expect but it was really good to meet people your own age, learn new stuff and get your name out there.

At the end of the year, one rider was to be chosen and would receive a year’s contract through Pryde Group UK which encompasses Cabrinha Kites and NPX Wetsuits. I worked extra hard in my riding, media coverage and my profile. Much to my complete surprise at the last BKSA freestyle event of the year, the winner was announced and I won!!! It completely surprised me and I would just like to thank Cabrinha for this amazing opportunity and thanks to all the riders who put me forward for the deal.

KPWT World Champ Talks


Now that Jesse Richman has had a chance to breathe (and finally get that GTI!), we asked him to take a look back at his experience on
the tour.

You just finished the tour on top. What do you attribute your success?

This year truly was a pleasure and I never could have done as well as I did without all the awesome support from my friends on the tour, my sponsors and my Rocking Gear!!!

What riders from the tour do you think deserves some props?
There are so many riders pushing the limits and devoting it all to style. I think that every one deserves some props. We are going to see more and more incredible riding from some awesome guys and gals!!!

Jesse Richman Kiteloop Trick Tip Video

jesse-tips1.jpgJesse Richman shows you how to Kiteloop like a World Champion.

Click here to watch!

Big Wave Rider Grant Baker (aka Twiggy) Joins Cabrinha

grant.jpgWorld-class surfer Grant “Twiggy” Baker of Durban, South Africa has officially signed onto the Cabrinha team. Twiggy is a hellman when it comes to big surf and we are stoked he is joining the kite world. He took the 2007 XXL big wave title for a 60 ft monster at Dungeons and is nominated for all categories in 2008. Twig brings an explosive energy to the program and we can’t wait to see what he does with a kite.




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