Damo heads down under

2014 Kitefoil Gold Cup-Townsville, Australia

The conditions down under in Townsville Australia were perfect for a foil racing event. The Townsville Sailing club was spectacular, 15 to 20 knot winds pairs with superb organization ensured a first class event.  A big shout out to Robbie Dean, the race director who made it through 27 races over six days of high levels sailing without a single thing going wrong.  “Thank you Robbie for your hard work making the event unforgettable for all of us!” Damien says.

The riders experienced some traditional cuisine…eating Kangaroo and Crocodile, while locals like Intheloop kiteboarding’s Marvin Baumeister was on hand to lend his foil or kite to anyone in need. The Queensland events and tourism also chipped in, icing the cake, making the entire experience completely unforgettable.

The racing was fast and exciting with a spectator lined beach. The level was extremely high. Riders of all ages competed.  From legends like Rich Gardner (53 years young) to 19 year old Frenchman Nico Parlier, mixed with amazing women like Sophie Calliet and Gina Hewson all competing hard and racing their hearts out. There was no room for mistakes on the water or you would loose multiple spots fast. Nico was the man to beat from the start line to the finish of the regatta. With his humble outlook and incredible talent he's a winner on and off the podium. World champion Johnny Heineken, battled it out for the the 2nd spot with his untouchable speed and consistency.  French rider Maxime Nocher was right in the mix and started to make a big drive at the end of the regatta however it was just not quite enough. Julien Kerneur had moments of glory putting up and incredible effort, but ended the competition just off the podium. 

Damien says “It was exciting to share the water with these incredible athletes as I hung in for a top 5 finish. Thanks to LIFT Foils, GoPro and Cabirnha Kites for making this possible.  Absolutely an awesome event thanks to everyone.”


Gold Cup Australia final results:

1. Nico Parlier

2. Johnny Heineken

3. Maxime Norcher

4. Julien Kernuer

5. Damien LeRoy

6. Adam Withington

7. Benni Boelli

8. Theo De Ramecourt

9. Benjamin Petit

10. Nicolas Lesson



1.    Sophie Calliet

 Overall 2014 Gold Cup Male: “3 events”

1. Johnny Heineken

2. Nico Parlier

3. Maxime Nocher


Overall 2014 Gold Cup Female: “3 events”

1. Sophie Calliet

2. Steph Bridge

3. Anastasia Akopova


Thanks to Vasco Vellez and Steve McCormack for the incredible photos!

Thank you Townsville, Australia for hosting the best in the world. To all the organizers and sponsors. We will all be back next year.  A huge thanks To Nicholas Leason with MHL Custom innovator and creator of Lift foils making this dream come true for people like me. You made this possible for the sport of kitesurfing and without you this would have never became a reality.  Thanks to all my sponsors: Cabrinha Kites, GoPro, Lift Foils, Lululemon, Lynch Associates, The Black Dog, Oakley, NP, Runa and to all who have been behind me for years.   Kindly, Damo

Watch each race as they unfold:


 More info:







Rob Douglas does it again!

Les Coussoules Beach - La Franqui France
September 24th - 28th
The National French Kite Speed Championships was held at the world famous speed strip in La Franqui France where Cabrinha's Rob Douglas won 3 out of 4 races and Best Speed for the event.
In winds averaging between speeds of 15 to 30 knots, Rob sailed his new Cabrinha Velocity prototype to victory and continues to remain undefeated in kitespeed events since October 2011.
The first day of the French event saw very challenging conditions with 1 to 1.5 meter high surf on the course and deep downwind angles.  Day 2 saw the Tramontane winds increase up to 30kts and with flat water Rob sailed the best speed of the event with an average speed of 42.5 over the 500 meter course  and a max speed of 47.8 knots.

Important Saftey Alert



The Cabrinha brand has always placed quality and safety of our customers upfront in all our product development efforts.
Due to a recent discovery of a manufacturing defect in production, we have decided to make a product recall on all 2015 1X and Overdrive 1X control systems (KS5CSSDOD, KS51XCSFX) manufactured before August 1st.

We have discovered, in a very small number of cases that the internal diameter of the bungee guide does not meet our specification, due to an unauthorized modification by Cabrinha's supplier. There is a small possibility that the Recoil™ spring can jam between the internal diameter of the bungee guide and the PU depower main line. In the unlikely case that the Recoil™ spring does jam itself into the bungee guide, the rider is still able to activate the main quick release and depower the kite into the single line flagging safe position.

In an attempt to reduce the inconvenience caused to our valued customers, our authorized dealers will install the part which will immediately remedy the issue. All 2015 1X and Overdrive 1X control systems must be brought back to the point of purchase to have the part installed. The part in topic is called the Recoil Slider (KS5RECSDR) and it takes under two minutes to install, using only a screwdriver.

This problem is limited to a small percentage of the 2015 1X and Overdrive 1X control systems manufactured before August 1st. We have taken action to remedy the issue in production. We have modified the manufacturing process and rectified all control systems as of August 1st. You can distinguish the modified and correct control systems by a GREEN DOT on the packaging hangtag of the control system. Anything shipped before August 1st without a green dot will need the Recoil slider installed.
We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your support in helping us maintain the highest level of safety.

Coming Soon- The Value of Nowhere

A taste of what's to come in the "Value of Nowhere".

Pete Cabrinha, Reo Stevens and Keahi De Aboitiz set out to French Polynesia to explore what kind of value one can place on being far from the rigors of social obligation. 

Online October 1st

Directed by Anders Krüger

Soundtrack by http://blumuhdesign.dk

Listen Here: https://soundcloud.com/cabrinhafilms/nyt-mix-blumuh

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Cocoa Beach Demo after Surf Expo

2015 Cabrinha Demo in Cocoa Beach, Florida the day after Surf Expo!  Sunday- September 7th, 2015.
At Cherry Down Park, Cocoa Beach, FL.  

Wanted: Sr. Graphic Designer

Job Description
This is a full-time, in-house Graphic Designer position at Cabrinha headquarters in Maui, Hawaii. A minimum of 2 years professional experience after graduation with a Design Degree, or equivalent experience is required. Applicants need a solid portfolio and legal US working status to be considered.

This position will focus on conceptualization and completion of design projects that meet the highest standards of the brand. Individual will work directly with the Maui Design office to ensure that the design language of the brand is implemented throughout all media channels.

Candidate will be responsible for creating mood boards, concepts, mock ups, graphics for kites and boards, type treatments, branding apparel, POS items and layout of all marketing collateral.

Provide innovative, unique design solutions that result in brand consistency and growth.
Work directly with the design and marketing team, and product managers to achieve on-time, on-target projects.
Design and deliver final prepared files for all product graphics and marketing collateral, including but not limited to kite and board graphics and promotional wear.
Design and deliver final prepared files for all print and digital marketing artwork, including by not limited to product catalog, print ads, packaging materials, and web layout.

Mac literate with expert knowledge of Adobe - InDesign / Photoshop / Illustrator
2 years professional experience after graduation with a Design Degree, or equivalent experience.
Must understand the latest trends and their role within the commercial environment.
Strong communication and design skills in order to drive the design solutions from concept through completion with our product management team.
Must have a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines.
Ability to multi task and work in a fast paced environment.
Must be proficient with digital media.
Interest and passion for the Kiteboarding / Surfing market is a plus. 
3D / Industrial design a plus.

High level graphic design skills, layout skills, creativity, flexibility, be willing to work with design recommendations, attention to detail, deadline-oriented.

To apply, please submit your portfolio link and/or samples in PDF format (maximum 7MB); and resume via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the subject line use: Graphic Designer.

The Value of Nowhere

 "The Value of Nowhere" starring Pete Cabrinha, Keahi De Aboitiz and Reo Stevens will air on Outside Television August 30 at 10PM and August 31 at 9PM. Watch the teaser.

This is the life- BVI's

Charlie Smith and company put together this great edit shot in the beautiful British Virgin Islands showcasing the Caribbean kiteboarding lifestyle, the versatility of our sport, and how much fun you can have. 



1st East Coast Foil Championship


Straight off the press from Damo LeRoy:

2014 Cabrinha East Coast KiteFoil Championships

August 15th-17th will be a weekend to remember at Shelter Island Yacht Club as they became the first east coast sailing institution to support the newest and most progressive form of sailing yet– Kitefoiling, which is the addition of a hydrofoil to a kiteboard.


The first annual 2014 East Coast KiteFoil Championships was a sight to behold with 3 days of beautiful conditions and winds ranging from 10-20 knots. 

14 competitors from 4 different countries hit the water displaying just how far sailing has evolved. 

The kitefoilers reached speeds of up to 30 knots during the action-packed races. The age bracket of competitors ranged from 14 years old to 55 years old. Former kiteboarding world champion Damien Leroy said that “Shelter Island was an ideal location for this type of event”. 

Dozens of boats stopped by to watch the races in awe as the kitefoilers flew around the course going more then 3 times the speed of any other sailing craft on the water.

The races were incredibly tight with the top three racers within a point of each other in the end of the regatta, making every race fun to watch! Some standouts were Leif Given, Zack Marks, Damien LeRoy and Jon Modica all taking wins in some of the races. 

As well as two up and comers James Mcgrath and Jacob Olivier at the young age of 14 years old battling it out with some of the top foil racers in the country! 

Local kiteboarder, and event organizer, Jon Modica, said “he was extremely grateful to Shelter Island Yacht Club for supporting this new and alternative form of sailing”, he believes kiteboarding “will really help get more and more youth excited about sailing”. 

1st Place Jon Modica 

2nd Place Damien LeRoy

3rd Place Zack Marks

A big thanks goes out to the sponsors: Shelter Island Yacht Club, Cabrinha Kiteboarding, Delta Hydrofoils, and SKORD. Thanks to 
Photographer Manuel Olivier and GoPro for capturing the event as it unfolded.



Ringvold and Jensen take the win at the Red Bull Battle of the Sound

Red Bull Battle of the Sund brought 250 kite boarders from 16 different nations together to rewrite the history of the great naval battle that took place November 8th 1658. The kiters started out from the Swedish city of Malmo, crossed the sund over to Denmark, and returned to Sweden. A course set up to be 40km, but the conditions with straight westerly winds and 15-25kts made it a tough upwind battle over to Denmark before they could charge downwind back to Sweden. Only 30 riders managed to finish the complete round, amongst them only 2 girls. 

Camilla Ringvold from Norway won the women’s class, (17 in total) and crossed the finish line 27minutes before the second finisher, Anke Brandt from Germany.

Bjørn Rune Jensen from Denmark was the overall fastest and winner of the open class.  He made it across and back in 1 hour and 31 minutes. - "It was fantastic! I had prepared myself thoroughly for this competition and when I was the first to round Flakfortet I felt that it would be hard to beat me.” Jensen says.

Camilla has had a memorable last 9 months. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean with the «Enable Passion» team in Nov/Dec 2014, she continued to be a part of the first female team to ever finish the Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro (www.vake.no) before she won the Red Bull Ragnarok in Norway in April, kited across the Greenland icecap from south to north in June and she is now the winner of the Red Bull Battle of the Sund. 

Click here for more info about the event.


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