Marshall Islands



The Marshalls is one of the most isolated nations in the world. For the watersports enthusiast the Marshalls offers more than almost any other destination. The Windward is the newest addition to the IndiesTrader Fleet. Originally a trawler then a pearling mothership, the Windward went through renovation and transformed into an all out remote location watersports support vessel. Because of its size, the Windward is perfect for large groups looking for full days of kite surfing with comfortable conditions on deck. The large covered back deck serves a great toy shed and can easily handle an amazing amount of gear.

The Windward has 2 dinghies and a Jet ski with rescue sled. A Hiab seacrane to get the toys on and off the boat easily and quickly. Accommodation for a whole football team then some, a walk in coolroom, icy airconditioning and heaps of deckspace undercover and outside to rig up your gear and spread out. We’ve got a western Chef and an experienced surfing/diver skipper.


  • Tropical Surf wax-remove your old cold water wax before the trip
  • new leashes-don't get caught out with on old tired leash!
  • Spare fins (stiff glass or carbon fibre) fin key and spare strings.
  • Solarez
  • Long sleeve rashguard.
  • Surf Hat-means you can stay out longer
  • Heavy duty waterproof sunscreen, lip balm, Deet insect repellant.
  • Seasickness medicine if susceptible. Patches seem to work the best.
  • Boardies and t shirts.
  • A collared shirt, pair of long pants and shoes for traveling.
  • 7m-9 meter Cabrinha Drifter kites.
  • Most people bring 2-4 boards. Most people will ride their standard shortboards most of the time but a good idea to follow is to track the swell forecast before your trip and plan accordingly. Most people bring 4 surfboards – two shortboards (6’2″), one mid sized board for when it gets a little bigger (6’5″), and one gun for the biggest days (6’10″). If you are going to bring an extra board we would suggest a replacement for the board you will use the most as it is not uncommon to break boards. Continental Airlines really hit you hard with board fees so bring your Credit Card


The trade winds blow between 15 and 25 knots consistently from November to July/August. Wind at the breaks is side offshore and perfect for kiting on the waves. Long, perfect righthand point waves ,with no one around! Surf ranges from “gentleman” waves to smokin' barrels. North West to North East swells are most frequent between mid October to mid April. Still waves to be discovered! 4 so far this season. There are south swell spots that get waves occasionally during the summer but it's the northern Pacific winter storms that provide 90% of the waves with up to 6 swells a month during the peak of the season. There is also a consistent 10sec NE wind swell from the trades that fetch across from the eastern pacific that provide fun softer waves between groundswells. The wind is pretty well always offshore and at times can be pretty constant over 15 knots but the surf handles it well. If you want consistent Mentawai like oily conditons then the Marshalls is not for you. If you like surfing real waves with no one else, like clear water, fishing , diving, want to try towing into empty perfect waves and love playing in the ocean in a pristine environment then the Marshalls should not be missed.


The experienced western Chef creates daily epicurean delights with the fresh catch of the day.

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