override_ids.jpgDue to overwhelming customer feedback, Cabrinha would like to re-introduce our popular Override unit back into the market. The new system, Override IDS, is a modified version of the Override 2 unit which allows a point to spin your bar. It is now a sliding mechanism which does not have a fixed position on the depower main line. The Override IDS sleeve is free to interactively move to the position you select. You can still adjust the holding tension by using the Override IDS tension ring. Whenever you need to Depower on Demand, you can push the Override IDS up the main line until the desired depower is achieved.

The Override IDS unit is a great way to manage the bungeed power adjusters. It keeps them within reach at all times and keeps the handles from wrapping around the main line.

The Override IDS requires no tools to install and it takes a matter of seconds. The modification requires just two familiar parts which we will offer with installation and operation instructions. It is only compatible with the Powerdrive IDS control system.

If you’ve already purchased a Cabrinha IDS kite, contact your local dealer for a free modification kit. Override IDS will be included with all future Cabrinha IDS kites. For more information, click here.